Road Trip

“Oh, geez I never know where to begin so I guess I’ll start from the beginning.”

It was December 27 two days after christmas when I decided to hang out with the lads.

I called everyone together thinking we’d have a drink at the bar down by main then catch up and such.

I called everyone only john and mike never answered will said he couldn’t make it, Shaun said he’d go but he’s a flake so he actually never showed up.

So just me, Ben, pat, and Greg actually when to the ba-..

“Just to clarify it was you Benjamin Amezcua, Patrick Osman and Gregory Michaels correct?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Please continue Mr.Martin”

“You can call me nick everyone else does”

“Noted please continue”

So it was me, Ben, Pat, and Greg at the bar, Ben said something like where’s Shaun but he look like he already knew so I didn’t answer him.

Greg said if we should wait for Shaun since he hadn’t known him that long but pat said we should wait inside.

So we go inside and order a few drinks some imported beer I don’t remember the name but got one of them girly drinks and Ben not some whisky.

Greg was nursing a beer for around 30 minutes while trying to get ahold of Shaun at which point he did and of course Shaun cancelled agai-

“You mention Shaun is that the same Shaun stated in the first incident?”

“Yeah that him”

“Ok , just wanted to clarify , continue”

So Greg was kinda miffed that Shaun cancelled and downed what was left of his beer and ordered some tequila pat tried to stop him but Shaun ignored him.

So after like 4 or 5 shots of tequila Greg is shouting and making a ruckus Ben’s worried we’re gonna be kicked out I’m laughing my ass off and pats just shaking his head.

So me and pat decide to leave before we’re kicked out, so while we do that Ben call for an uber to pick us up and we’ll go drink at my place since I had some beer leftover from Christmas.

So the uber shows up something like 15 or so minutes later and there was some stuff in the front seat so we all had to climb in the back.

Obviously we didn’t fit and seeing as we were drunk we didn’t question when the drunken among us spoke up and said someone has to go in the trunk.

It took some convincing but the uber driver agreed kind stupid on his part too, if we had thought it some more we could have moved the stuff in the front seat but we weren’t thinking right.

So me Ben and Pat decided to put Greg in the trunk, he’s bitching saying some shit I can’t remember but we forced him in.

So we’re laugh the whole ride back to my place while Greg’s in the back saying things like he’ll get us for this and all that crap.

Ben somehow convinced the driver to not only take a “shortcut” down a back street with speed bumps then to make some fast and quick stops after a while Greg quieted down.

So we get to my place after like 40 minutes we get Greg out of the trunk and head inside.

So I’m fumbling for my keys and apparently pat couldn’t wait so decides to just piss on the lawn then Greg decided to have a literal pissing contest against him.

Ben whips out his phone and starts recording it all the while trying not to laugh, finally I get the door open as they fini-

“Sorry, but the address is 1776 south orange street correct?”

“No, it was north orange.”

“Alright, please continue”

So since we’re all inside they head to the den while I grab some PBR from the fridge and a bottle of jack since Ben says PBR taste like piss.

So we’re drinking and shooting the shit you know stuff about work and women and stuff, Greg’s complaining about his girlfriend as always and Ben talking shit on his boss while pats just poking fun at them.

I brought up the shitty job done on the repairs on my car and it was around this time pat told me about this guy he knows that will fix it up real nice for cheap.

I ask pat how much the guy charges since I only saved up about 2 thousand then pat says he dunno would have to look under at the thing first.

So me and pat go look at my car while Ben and Greg keep drinking, pops the hood and takes a quick look says the guy will fix up for 5 hundred bucks.

I call bull shit since the last place to look at it said it be 1500 minimum but pat insist that guy will do it for 500, I say we’ll talk later.

So as we walk back in Ben and Greg are talking and when they see me the light up and ask me my thoughts on a road trip after I get my car fixed.

“Who’s idea was the “ road trip”?

“I dunno”

“Hmm, continue”

So yeah I thought it was a great idea, so we start planning it checking our schedules and what not at some point I fell asleep, they decided to stay over the night since they didn’t want to call a ride.

So the next morning I wake up around 10, just as I hear the door close apparently Ben woke up and went down to the fast food place on the corner and grabbed some breakfast for everyone.

So I wake up the other two and while we eat pat bring up the road trip, now at the time I thought we were just talking you know.

Pat says he can schedule some time off at the end of next month then Ben said yeah he can get a week off also , Greg said he’s on break until the beginning of March since he’s only gonna take an 8 week class.

So it seemed like everyone was kind serious so I call and schedule some time off myself.

Nothing much happened after that everyone went home and a few days later pat brings the guy he was talking about they tow my car and a few days later it was good as new.

Everyone confirmed with each other and 2 weeks later we started our road trip, or as Greg called it the “bro trip” and you know the rest.

“Is there anything else you want to add?”

“Not that I can think of at the moment.”

“Alright then please got to the waiting room.”

“Alright then”

*door closes*



“Please send in Mr Patrick Osman.”

“Yes sir.”

*mumble* bro trip?

“Did you say something sir?”




*door opens*

“Hello Mr Osman how are you?”

“H-hello, why am I here?”

“We just want some information about what happened during your “road trip”?”

“Why, did we do something illegal?”


“I’m sorry I was mildly shocked that you don’t know, let me rephrase that.”


“Tell me all you can remember about the last week of January, the week 529 people died in the path of your “road trip” what is being recorded as the worst event to happen in the last hundred years?”


“And that’s only the bodies that were found over 200 are still missing and several hundred are in critical condition, now I want you to tell me very detail about what happened.”



your senpai noticed you.

you get excited as he leans in, you prepare yourself for the words that he will impart upon you.

he comes close and whispers in your ear.

you look at him with shock plastered on your face unable to speak as your senpai walks away.

hours later you sit at home crying remembering the words he whispered in a cold and indifferent way.

“your favorite anime is shit~”

you cry again muttering to yourself “but I like my favorite anime” as tears stream down your face.

What I’m watching

So I just realized next season show are up on anichart shows I’m probably going to watch since I’ve read the manga/light novels are as follows in no particular order.

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen

Demi-chan wa Kataritai

Gabriel DropOut

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2

Masamune-kun no Revenge

tv shorts



Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

Hajimete no GAL

isekai izakaya “NOBU” 2haime

Knight’s & Magic

UQ Holder!

From horrible subs thing

Overlord Movie

oshiete galko-chan

new rice cooker!

My old rice cooker broke at the beginning of the month and I couldn’t find the box with the warranty. I was luck enough to find black and decker’s spectrum brands page by chance and someone got in touch with me after giving the information on my rice cooker they said they send me a new one day later I got it. Great customer service they have.