moon led journey in another world extra edition

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-should be noted it takes place slightly before Chapter 2 –

At that time, modern 1

Nakatsuhara High School is a public high school. Best preparatory school it the city. Leading in the prefecture. Modestly in the whole country.

Five class per school year. Usually they were full classes. (I can’t get it right)

By the way, when you referred to it, because there are other high schools to the north, south, east and west of Nakatsuhara it is often referred to as a mid-high.

It features are the Prep-school I mentioned earlier, and said that there is an emphasis on extracurricular activities. To the Public a Prep-school, but not the youth is a lively image much too different due to the clubs here.

What gives desperate students strength in moments of weakness is their dislike of those clubs. It does not mean they are not studying. However their enthusiasm is fully centered on club activities.

Whether new students are also affected by the school spirit, many smart people are turned and as a result attend the extracurricular activities.

Although it was strange even most in the city who attended Nakatsuhara high school in such a situation it continue to be a prep-school, Does not change the notoriety even make one wonder due to its reputation of a child becoming someone who excelled in Wenwu if entered. (Wenwu is the closest I got seems to be a Chinese military art kind of thing)

It had led the baseball team to be part of the weaker clubs. As Koshien was never in their reach not even the Top 8 before. (I tried but makes no sense -弱い部活の筆頭は野球部。これまでに甲子園はおろかベスト8になったことも無い。)

The Strongest club and the largest was archery. For the last 23 years Nakatsuhara high school has represented the prefecture in the national tournaments.

Either by a strange jinx or systematically gathering there were only beautiful girls in the archery club. Did they enter because they were beautiful or beautiful because they entered either way it wasn’t normal. However their fashion sense seems to be lagging behind current trends and such but their clothes still stand out……Continued were the men. (Any better? だがセンスは磨かれるのか服のセンスなどは良くなる傾向はあるようだ。……続けられた人間は。)

Of course in that environment there are handsome men and beautiful woman around. Don’t misunderstand though there are no harems or reverse harems. There is a rather heinous practice menu. And with excellent grades of ordinary people will gather objects are also equipped with a strange look at a high school in normal operation the next door. (No good yetそして成績優秀なのは当たり前な連中が集う高校で外見も整った変な物体が隣で普通に稼動しているのである) If you no longer kept up with the menu and the practice was inferior in the arts of archery, surprisingly few people can stay standing. Unless you’re a superhuman most student are only involved it archery for 2 years at best. That why no one goes after those willful beauties. (Beauties with guts doesn’t sound right)

So the ordinary people who joined the archery club were considered brave. Makoto The only one who rivaled the second years was the only one “brave” enough to join. People had been looking at him more frequently since. It was natural of course. Remaining in archery, he was the only one who could introduce you to one of those beauties. (Leaches)

There are people who speak casually to hear the information of the heavenly beauties from an ordinary person. That he could be used to for the students of the whole school intending to convey their confession was valuable. In fact, there are couples who admit they started dating due to him introducing them. Form her (as thanks from the female students) Makoto had received obligation chocolates for a long time.

Having heard rant and confession of others, witnessing the handing over of what was apparently a “confession of love” letter, somehow Makoto was begged from the fan clubs, for such things as photos, I’m a this kind of character, and I usually wish that you yourselves would be more direct, I wonder if it will end so conveniently. Not under normal circumstances.

As for the photo they had asked for later in editing he is cut out them. He is about ready to cry. (Brutal!!)

But his help had ended when he disappeared during autumn of his 2nd year for no known reasons. He was dropped into a different world. Dutifully leaving a letter to only his family. He had jokingly asked his parents about his treatment in the future.

Unexpectedly his parents were enthusiastic for Makoto because that may not meet again beloved son is spelled as the final hope. (I don’t get it but I guess the characters are written this way?) It thought of in a moment but it wasn’t really that funny. One high school student had a problem now, yeah it had started a commotion.

“That idiot! And of all things to escape to another country!”

It was said quietly by the girl barely moving her lips as she exited the staff room behind her. (Makes very little sense so I changed it a bit) Following behind her was a beauty with a relaxing aura around her. Closing the sliding door of the staff room while bowing, he was tall close to 2 meters. Narrow eyes, such as the thread is hanging on both sides, he was producing a gentle expression. (Left as is) His athletic physique gave peace of mind to those adolescents.

“Higashi(?), as many times I have heard the situation is unchanged from …”

“I know that! But why do I suddenly no longer have a vice-captain in the club!? Where is Vaduz, tell me!”

“It is the capital Liechtenstein. Next to Switzerland”

Knowledgeable he respond to the question of honest girl he called the East. (Nickname for higashi I guess? Her name translates as east azuma) In this case it was not the answer she was looking for and invited further frustration.

“I know, I’m not asking you the question in the geography lesson!”

It was 8 points. The boy following the yelling voice that fell silent as it was troubled.

So she said, the story was that the vice-captain of the archery club that encouraged her to serve as the captain was is suddenly go abroad to study, and he is gone two days after listening to her story. I had heard on Monday because the club had a rare break of the weekend for just a week. That was a bolt out of the blue. (Originally said sunny thunder claps but it didn’t sound right) Make sense it is still fresh in our minds that it grabbed out attention and became the point of discussion. Of course this is not limited to the archery, but was a common reaction by all of the students who heard the story.

“Without any contact to report of, what were you thinking Misumi!”

“Oh, ha-ha,”

No matter what you say to have that anger near you that a vague laugh was the safe judgment of the youth

“His family says it was actually it is a high school exchange program. Sent there by his lonesome self. The location is the country of Liechtenstein. I there is no part that makes sense,”


“If he had been kidnapped, it would be more convincing! ”

“It ‘s a imprudent Higashi”

That was the correct answer, Higashijo. (Miss east, again nickname?)

Chide voice of youth fell on deaf ears. The story of studying abroad is not an exaggeration to if you think about it, maybe that why his disappearance had been explained like this to her. It was beside the point but her situation lead her to that reasoning.

When I was asked by the previous captain to be the new captain, I secretly waited to ambush him in the archery field in an attempt to stop and speak with him.

(Was it a joke? Disgraceful behavior is disgraceful behavior and I was ashamed of it and worried so much but to change schools and run away? If that’s only reason why go through that much…)

Higashi is not a type that considered herself to be cute. she looked like the daughter of a good home and was often called a beauty from the dignified atmosphere. Its one thing to be top of the ane-sama ranking another while she was a 2nd year. That she was upset and walking in a hurry raised a commotion for both genders.

She underwent a terrible ordeal when her first confession was delivered (and felt). It filled him with joy for a moment, but it missed the mark and things were strained for a while. (made no sense だから彼をしばらく詰ったり、キツく当たったりもしたが。)

(That next day I’m sorry, the abuse that guy took and the effort he put in, not knowing the significance of the vice-captain they should apologize for casually speaking to him on their own. Not being able to fill the position I became irritated…)

Someone can only take so much. But when she was done pouting about makoto she needed to take action. So putting that aside for now. The promise he was made to keep and accept his fate. (I don’t get it)

In fact, that troublesome day for higashi and him was just another day for everyone else.

Nothing could be done about makoto situation, but that the two students dropped in “like a hurricane” left the staff room in a state of fear. Looking at all the insult she threw at him was harsh but it came from the heart, he knew how it really was but instead of playing the straight man he decide to be dense to not get involved. For makoto to say beside this beauty and not tremble with fear if not dense was to be praised. (I guess a time lapse at around here)

“Neenee, what were you doing with higashi-san?”

“Huh, Do you not know? The thing about makoto-san”

“Uh became the vice-captain?”

The female student wanting to hear about higashi that came by he window is nene ibukashi, having heard whispers and rumors came to ask her friend.

“Oh yeah. That guy, seem he was lucky to be the vice captain”


“I had not known, but after that he rejected Higashi’s confession”


“so, it wasn’t normal for a while “ (no idea here-で、しばらくは普通にしてたらしいんだけど )

” … Oh, you mean” (anyone? あれかぁ)

She kept asking questions until she was satisfied, and done moving her lips. And of course Makoto’s transfer naturally came up.

“For such a thing, rumors or not you threw away archery just to run away,”

“Ugh, how evil. Still it pretty amazing to escape to another country though”

It was actually another world. So it was even more amazing.

Through all history women’s secret talk will be secret and remain secret. Even if it had just reached her ears she was the first to know and walked away quickly.

Gin’! (leap in to action sound?)

Loud whispers and shifting eyes everywhere you could see, the reason of course was the female students.

“Oh, that …”

The two had only been together for a few moment but created such a stir. However Higashi’s glare made them stop.

(it no you who became vice-captain I’ll do my best! I was worried because I had been asked to be vice-captain the anxiety almost made me cry! Also I’m not the one who was confessed to it was makoto. … also who said that I was dumped!!)

Frustrated that news had quickly spread of a confession failed, it had even reversed the it so the one confessed to was higashi. Fell in love all by herself, she was convinced it had been a positive response, was there such a confession.  (Not sure here sounds kind of yandere)

…… So, love was “born”. Even if makoto ran to the ends of the world nothing would cause hirashi’s love. However Actually, hirashi was still thinks of him. Unconsciously, even in her, the memory of him remains clouding her heart . (damn…)

With just a gaze and no word the room became quiet. If they continued to speak would be made to regret their secret talk. (I think this is it? -より一層内緒話を後悔する生徒にとってはさらなる追い討ちに等しい。)

“hey, higashi. Let’s go. The club I going to start soon, the captain shouldn’t be late? ” (I don’t think that last part is right)

To be done with this, I winked at the 2 frightened student from the same year who lowered their head and left quickly. Higashi quietly sighed.

“I’m sorry, thank you Hyodo”

The look on her face was taken as a sign to keep walking. Would you sort your feeling out some more.

“no its ok. It was sudden but I think can understand them somewhat”

He, it was a lie even he was shaken to a certain extent. No one knew a man could have been captain where it had traditionally had always been filled by a woman, even he thought makoto was good enough to be the next captain, filling his position was an important role.

The captain was the pillar of the club had to look calm and collected. That days practice session was good there wasn’t anyone who complained and no one left without cleaning the training hall and equipment storage. Atmosphere of the club was changing, slowly becoming better thanks to him.

If I had one complaint it was that I couldn’t attend matches or tournaments. It wasn’t my intention It came from the teacher that was the club advisor and coach after they had judged my skills during practice. At first I couldn’t believe what I hear, I thought I was as good and everyone else. But the coach was better than most, and I have no reason to ignore that the level of skill of someone who shows an understanding archery of and give suggestions to everyone. During this year’s novice competition I expect some impressive skill to be displayed.

“Hey, they a while ago they were saying we were together (this)” (pinky finger I assume)

“Oh, …that ”

Hiragi was surprised and waved her had dismissively I thought she wasn’t listening. She was one of the people involve he wondered if it was fine to keep talking about it.

“How did it become such a story?”

Hyodo was surprised by the captain’s question, it hurts. He wondered if there was even a chance. No even transfer set aside, there was no chance with someone who had been rejected she was definitely still in love with makoto.

Walking through the halls the sound of shoes moving slowly got quiet. That’s because the archery field is far from the main building and field.

“No, because higashi had been in contact for a long time with makoto they became so close? That would happen to everyone if that was the case. Because it was makoto or something”

“If you knew he was leaving, would you still have confessed?” ( I don’t see it any better – 「やらかすと、告白したことになるわけ?」)

“I would, I would be lying to myself if I said no. portion I think not saying anything but small talk would be childish. It would be childish in any situation, to think it became such a story. ”

“Huh ~, I wonder what you do in your spare time ”

Higashi Azuma seems considerably surprised. It no wonder though as she didn’t pay much attention to rumors.

“You know we ……became the center of attention?”

“Attention? Why?”

I really didn’t know how to answer the question the captain was asking. Even though the captain of the archery club was the center of rumors that magically sprung up from such a little thing, how was she so unaffected by it, why.

“No, well, I”

“That’s a really bad question. However it’s just spare time. Don’t be mistaken I mostly do target practice”


“What’s with that face, you thought I got to be like this without any practice? ”


That was a lucky guess. Actually although there was no proof I thought she was a prodigy and I was pretty sure about it.

“I know you guys don’t like to believe it but unfortunately I am still human. Okay, it a real big secret. I trust you will keep it a secret from your friends.”

You speak to the girls on your own, if its higashi Azuma they’ll believe it. (Something about popularity and stealing – she stole the heart of even the women or something)

“But it ok for me to know!?”

“But of course, to rid those misconceptions, the fast you understand that, the better it would be”

“but, even if you say that I still…!”

“do you, know the opposite of love and happiness ”

“huh, the oposite? ”

“its. I had asked makoto, if he would be the vice-captain. Actually I had asked him to be captain but he reversed it so I was convinced so i asked him to be vice-captain instead ”

“Yeah yeah! ” (「ええええ!」)

“going with the flow I ended up confessing. To him ”

“wha! …yet, still failed? ”

” Yes ”

” but, I mean, how… ”

“I was rejected. That’s all”

” !!!! ”

“its true. I was hoping for a miracle like before I could confess to him, that he would confess to me” (not sure here)

Hyodo was just flapping his lips to much. This is the guy higashi azuma had been relying on. It was such a shocking story. It was impossible to immediately believe it.

Both male and female student fell for her. There are many who confess their love for her regardless of gender. She had discarded and rejected every confession in a single sweep. It was for themselfs, shallow confessions with no meaning, only cause she was a beauty, it should be noted that makoto, amazingly, had never said a word.

Moreover, he had rejected the Archery captain Higashi Azuma.

Heck, I wonder how many people would refuse her confession in Nakatsuhara high school. At least Hyodo couldn’t think of any. What about me? I would have accepted immediately. I was also one those that wanted her. It was too bad the female students had no chance.

He had considered it almost making a mess of things. Maybe if makoto had still been there. He would then become the enemy of half the school, he would have been assured to been picked on. Maybe would have also join in, Hyodo thought.

“If during the next confession, from makoto-san to me, I will be the one to say I’m sorry,”

Makoto that guy death had already been decided. Hyodo had second thoughts. The awe he had felt from makoto had yet to settle. It was so magical it was possible to believe.

“This Christmas I wonder if I’ll storm Vaduz”

She had said so jokingly, but her eyes looked serious from what Hyodo could see.



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  1. Ok, just got done reading it. When I start translating on my end, I’ll be able to use this for a reference. However, you really should use more capital letters. Also…

    ” know that! But why do I suddenly no longer vice-captain in the club!? Where is Vaduz, tell me!”

    That line could use some editing other than lack of capital letter. It could be “But why am I”, it seems to make more sense. And…

    “hey, higashi. Let’s go. The club I going to start soon, the captain shouldn’t be late? ”

    Again, it needs capital letters. Also it’s probably “The Club’s going to start soon” or “The club is going to start soon”.

    Other than that, it seems to be a fitting translation. But no one will ever translate this novel better than Reigo-senpai, that’s a given.


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