DemonLord 01


I stand before the Demon lord, my “companions” defeated; with my goal before my eyes I draw my blade and charge. The Demon lord with horns growing on both sides of his head yells out in rage and confidence.



When did this all start? Why did I fight my reasons are long and pointless, at some point people started to call me “Hero” I don’t care what you call me. I don’t fight for the people, I fight for the world, and there is only one way to save it. If saving people and slaying monsters was all it took there are countless heroes already.

“Room for one please.”

I arrive at the royal capital today; it’s been a few months since I started my journey. I’ve earned a bit of money along the way taking subjugation quests, I found a cheap inn to stay in this time only 3 silver a night. I don’t know how long I’ll stay for so cheap is best for now; I take the key from the inn keeper and walk to my room.

“Second floor last door on the right he said.”

Opening the door in front of me is a room with the bare minimum, a cheap bed, a small desk and, a cabinet to keep my belongings. For this price in many other places around the country would give better accommodations. Also since it wasn’t mentioned it’s safe to assume that meals are separate, there doesn’t appear to be a shower on this floor just a restroom stall for men and women, I guess that’s something. I’ll look for somewhere to take a bath later, if I can find any I saw a river not too far outside of town, but I really don’t want that.

“I guess I’ll take a nap.”

Really who am I talking to I though as I drifted to sleep.

I woke up about two hours later feeling better, I’m not sure about the time but I’m guessing two hours. I guess I should get some basics for my stay here. I question if I should bring my sword, just how good is the public order here? I decide against it I doubt anyone would start anything, especially with a kid, oh wait I’m an adult now. Oh well, can’t be that bad.

Hey, you

I was wrong, so horribly wrong. I’ll try to ignore them.

Hey! I’m talking to you with the white hair!

Ah shit, it was me, they pulled my by the shoulder and almost made me fall. I should have brought my sword, ah these guys all have a sword how’s that fair?

“Yes can I help you uh, gentlemen?”

Three, six, nine, damn there is twelve of them, seriously why. In this situation I would try to run away into a crowd but that’s not happening. This happened probably because I got lost in the crappy back alleyways, why is it like a freaking maze I want to scream. I can’t call out for help in this kind of place either, maybe if I was on a main street it would help but not here. Shit, well let’s get this over with.

Hey kid handover all your cash and any valuables if you don’t want any trouble.

Yeah, if you don’t want any problems with the Rift gang better do what we tell you.

Tch, they don’t plan to let me live do they, either that or they’re stupid beyond all reason. Seriously you tell me your gang affiliation and let me see the faces of their members. Hey what do you think you’re doing, patting your weapon to try to threaten me are you guys idiots now I know where you have them. What should I do, just give them my cash and hope they let me go?

Someone as powerless as you should just give up you doesn’t stand a chance!

Ah I see how it is, that what this is about my hair huh. Oh yeah sure just cause you guy have a trace of some elemental power in you get all cocky huh. Three with ruby-red hair, two with emerald-green hair, one of both sapphire-blue and amber-brown hair, the rest had black hair like most other people. Ah this always happens I’m almost at my limit.

I’m amazed someone like you has lived this long, I wouldn’t be surprised if your parents abandoned you.


Ah that’s it I’m done with this.

“You know I was going to give you my money and just walk away, but then you had to go and say all that crap.”

Just shut yer trap and give your money you little punk

One of the thugs reached out and grabbed my collar; I can call this self-defense right? It’s ok if I kill them right? Should I give him a final warning?

“Ah, fuck it”



Ah look like that might have been too much pain for him he’s crying like a bitch. What should I do I’m too pissed not I don’t think I can hold back. Wait why should I hold back? They were planning to kill me so this is the least they should be prepared for right? Ah he fell, damn he’s noisy.



This idiot swung his sword in such bad way, to many openings. I was able to easily catch his arm and I broke that too. Oh thug number two seems to be dealing with it better maybe because he braced himself? He still screamed though so don’t get the wrong idea, breaking a bone hurts a lot. Some of the guys with black hair have started backing away slightly they still pulled out their sword though. Hah, just run away you cowards.

You bastard I don’t know how you did that but I’ll kill you for it

Oh this one seems calmer than the rest, maybe he’s the leader. Looking more closely his hair seems to be redder than the other two alright so he is the boss then?


What the hell man don’t just attack me while I’m thinking, oh it the blue haired one eh. Well blue are said to be good with water magic and have high resistance to fire magic and weakness to lightning magic though hardly anyone can use or knows of lightning magic. Again with the wide swing eh, I could use some practice so I catch his sword.


“Oh you seemed surprised that I was able to catch that, well I want you guy to help with some practice, you’ll help right?”

Ah I wonder what kind of look I have on my face right now, this guy seems to have relieved himself, gross. Ah the black hair guys a shaking and the two with broken arms are trying to crawl away. Too bad so sad, but sorry not today.

“Sorry, I don’t know how to control my power so this may get messy.”

What did I see in his eyes fear, sorrow, anger, maybe a mixture of those emotions I don’t know if he hadn’t already wet himself he would have now that’s for sure, don’t worry maybe some “God” will pick you up, heh.

“Burn the world, Hell flame level one.”

I thought that should be good enough to for someone with a high resistance to fire. Well I was right and wrong it worked a bit too well I’ve never fought against people before so I’m sorry. I tried to hold back but still not my fault, ah the other two turned to nothing but bones and ash. I drop the ulna I ended up holding onto well don’t blame me for this I gave you a chance to run, oh wait I didn’t huh.

“Well that was unexpected, I thought he would have a higher survival rate if I used fire, I guess I was wrong.”

You bastard, what the hell are you? You shouldn’t be able to use any magic in the world how did you do that!? What kind of monster are you!!

Hmm, that’s a good question how do I explain it to him? Ah one of the thugs seems to be saying something.

Boss¹ I’ve been hearing rumors of some hero with white hair saving a bunch of villages and people in the past few months but, no one could really believe it. Just a rumor for the weak it was called.

“Hero….? I still can’t think of anything I did to be called that but, there just so happens to be someone who I can’t let know I exist just yet. So that mean I can’t exactly let you guys go now can I? You understand….right?”

Oh I wish I had a mirror right now to see my face, well better get started.

WAIT… wait please…spare US, no even if it’s just me PLEASE SPARE ME I’ll give you all the money I have.


Really, thank y-

“Just kidding, what was it that was said earlier? Something like “Someone as powerless as you should just give up you doesn’t stand a chance”…was that it?”

No we… uh…. Didn’t mean th-

“That’s what you said right? You said it so you shouldn’t complain about it not right??”


Ah, I guess he decided to go out fighting, hmm maybe in some other lifetime he would have been a great warrior, but not this one. I guess I should end this soon.

“Void life, Black Hole”

In the blink of an eye everyone in front of me had disappeared, no they had died, it does that. Ah I used up to much time and energy dealing with this crap. I guess I should find my way back to a populated part of town before this crap happens again. I should probably try to buy a map of the capital or something; ah I want to take a bath now.

Footnote ¹– This is not a mistake in the writing the red-haired thug was just assumed to be leader he wasn’t actually the leader

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  1. Wait you’re writing this yourself? If so then this shit is bad ass! Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more.


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