DemonLord 02

“What do you mean you’re closed for repairs?”

Seriously who am I talking to, haa I arrived at the bathhouse only to find out it closed. I voice my frustration to no one in particular, I received a lot of strange looks, stop it I’m not crazy. I decided to come back when they open, although there isn’t any notice of when that would be, damn maybe someone at the inn would know. I’m just having bad luck aren’t I, this and what happened with the thugs earlier soured my mood.

“Damn, this place looks like shit.”

About the part of the capital I’m in honestly, it looks horrible. Let’s see first of the paint on the walls is cracked and chipping, a lot of the roofs on the homes have a few missing tiles. The businesses for the most part don’t look that bad but it’s easy to tell which are failing. Some building have some splashes of dark red paint on them is that trendy? Oh wait looking closely it’s blood, that’s lovely.

Ah I’m hungry, what i haven’t eaten since I woke up. No the sight of blood didn’t make me hungry, probably. Well anyways let’s see if I can find some street vendors or a bar type thing. Preferably somewhere that doesn’t have splotches of blood on it, would that be classy?

“Welcome sir, table for one?”

I found some place a bit farther away it looked fine, so why not. I nodded at the hostess type girl, she showed me a table and left a menu with me while she left to flag down a waitress. I was carefully looking at the menu I didn’t notice the girl standing next to me until she spoke. I didn’t look up as she started her script like every other waitress.

“Huh, yeah yeah, what’s good on the menu what would you recommend?”

I wanted to try something different all I had been earning before I arrive was grilled meat with rice or bean sometimes bread. Just beginner level stuff I was able to make myself. Huh, why hasn’t the girl replied yet? I look to see what the problem was, I was a little surprised and I spoke without thinking.


Ah it’s an automata,let’s see what was it again, ancient technology remade for modern life? For some reason or another some ancient empire had made them and for whatever reason that empire had fallen, some say demons attacked them. During an expeditionary trip into the ruins of said empire about a hundred or so years ago some automata remains were discovered mostly intact. If powered by magic they would have moved, briefly then completely fall apart. Automata had been reverse engineered using several of the found remains a huge leap came only a year after word when a text describing the manufacturing process was found.

“Uhh…. I’m sorry I don’t eat so I don’t know.”

“Ah yeah uh, just have the chef make whatever he thinks is the best OK.”

Ah she flounced away, did I say something to upset her hope she ain’t mad she was cute. What I’m not into automata ok it is what it is, like saying a cat is cute OK. Anyways as she stated automata don’t eat they get their energy from magic they store inside themselves. Also this cause a huge stir when it first started happening but automata develop a sense of self like a will or ego type thing after 10 to 15 year depending on their amount of contact with humans. A huge debate rose over if it was ethical or not, eventually laws were passed stating that when one gained sentience be deemed a free citizen with some obvious restrictions such as owning other automata and holding any political power.

It was safe to say the waitress was at least 15 years old in a sense, it wasn’t like they became aware and acted like infants. Life experience added up in them and they actually knew what happened around them, it was all stored as data somewhere inside them. Speaking of which some people had originally use automata as, uhh substitutes for certain activities, and when they gain a will many cried. Like I said I’m not into automata just cause they resemble humans closely, well except for the metal plates where their ears should be.

“Here’s your food enjoy~”

I said thanks as she turned to walk away from me, well if she was human maybe I’ll leave her a nice tip. Oh yeah they can earn money, open businesses, and even buy land, but it not like its day for them since they don’t eat. They have to buy magic refuel services once a week or they enter auxiliary mode basicly like if a person went a week with out eating. Incidently these services cost about a weeks worth of food so its not like their overcharged for it, probably.

“Hmm, what is this?”

I stare at the dish in front of me, looks like a fish kinda. Wait, where did they get fish from, that river is kind of far to be getting these fresh daily just to have it sit around all day.I’m going to choose to believe these are kept alive until they’re needed, yeah let’s go with that. Let’s see how’s it taste, smell great by the way.


Oh wow, that’s amazing taste just like if a cow and a pig mated and this was the result. Let’s see what this on the side, potatoes? Hmm not bad together now if only I had something to drink other than water it would be complete. Yeah I’m definitely come for this again soon, ah I finished it, I’m full but I want another.

“How was your meal?”

Ah she came back, how do I describe to her hmm, ah.


I asked for the bill and left a pretty good tip for her and extra for the chef. I mention how I would be back some other time she said to ask for her area again and gave me her name, money talks huh Karen. I said by to the hostess on my way out and started to make my way back to the inn. That does it for lunch so I guess I’ll figure out dinner when I get back, I hope the inn’s food is good.

“Did you hear what happened?”

I over hear some whispers from the people walking in front of me. Seems to be some kind of rumor apparently, let’s listen.

“Apparently somebody found some burnt remains in the rift gangs territory”

“Really!? You think it was something like a territory struggle?”

“I don’t know their saying it was nothing but ash and bones found about three people worth, it’s amazing no one noticed a fire burning that long.”

Ah, it’s about me, amazing how fast news spreads between then finding the bathhouse and then a place to eat was only about 3 hours. Hmm, maybe I should have gotten rid of the bones and such, were those idiots special? Ah they’re continuing.

“It’s being said the fire was started by their gangs right hand, the fire user.”

Who would be foolish enough to attack one of the largest gangs in the capital.”

Why do housewives know so much about the local gangs? I moved away from them as they turned the corner and headed in another direction, damn I want to hear more. Just how strong were they? Also why did the so called right hand not use fire magic, not like it would have helped, but still. Forget it, it’s in the past, I’m going back to the inn.

“Hi, can I ask you some questions about the city?”

I asked the perky receptionist at the front desk about the bathhouse and if the in serves food, ah I want to ask her out also but refrain from doing so. She informs me that the bathhouse will reopen in 3 days if it goes on schedule, and that it cost a silver and 5 copper coins. Regarding the food apparently they don’t make any food for guests but you do get a discount at the tavern next door if you show your key. Ah the inns name is on it, I see.

“Alright thanks”

“No problem I should also mention that there is a kitchen you can use in the back, though no one ever does.”

I thanked her again and left the inn. I had decided to check out a building i had seen when I entered the city, I’m pretty sure it’s what I think it is.

As I approach the building i see the sign on the board, wait it’s more of a symbol. It shows sword and staff crossed behind a shield, yup definitely that huh. Just to be sure I decide to go in and look around.

“Hi welcome, you new?”

I nod to the woman that greeted me at the door, she pointed me in the direction of a desk to the far left. As a approached I saw someone at the desk, an elf?

“Ah welcome to the Royal capital’s guild branch how may I help you?”

I was right.

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