DemonLord 03


Ah she hit me well not like I could blame her, but still a little over the top. I mean you’re beautiful what did you expect I’m sure I’m not the first one to say something like that. Then again it was probably not as blunt as I had said it, damn that hurt though. All I said was have my children was that too much, ah she reacted without thinking she’s shocked at her own actions not, alright fine.

“I’m sorry; your beauty was so stunning I forgot myself I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”

Looks like it had the opposite effect, I could see why though; I honestly apologized so she doesn’t know what to do. Don’t make that kind of sad looking face, it’s still beautiful, make want to see more. Moving on I should change the subject to change the mood. That’s right I came here for a reason.

“The lady in the front pointed me over here after she asked if I was new, this is the correct place right?”

I’m not sure how many people register every year but there was no line today. Thinking about it doesn’t seem reasonable to have someone sitting here every day of the year if maybe only a hundred or so people register. Most would either take over their family business, help on farms, and even train to be knights all earning steady income. In a sense this place is more like a Temp agency, most of these people had lost their homes and such while others like to talk about freedom. Yeah freedom to die in a ditch or in a battle, some of the older guys, the ones who had seen too many people die usually saved up to buy some land or something.

Me? I was in the former category of course but the idea of freedom did seem nice.

“Y-Yesh, this is where you register to become an adventurer!”

She shuttered, I’m not going to mention it to her, and she seems to think I didn’t catch it. Adventurer? I don’t think that’s a good name what adventure am I going on, maybe explore but there’s not much to explore. Something like hunter would be a better title, not a monster hunter but a job hunter, heh. Well she seems to have calmed down for now so I should get registered.

“Yeah I’m here to register an adventurer.”

“Alright just fill out this form if you can’t I or somebody can help you fill it out; I assume you’re a fighter?”

“Hmm? Ah, not quite more like a magic swordsman type I guess.”

“Really, I’ve never seen a magic sword closely before where is it?”

Ah now I really regret not bringing it with me, wait I don’t have a magic sword anyways. I see, I guess almost everyone makes assumption based on appearances. Damn if I get a chance I’ll come back some day with a magic sword to show off to those eyes of hers filled with expectation. Let’s try some stuff when I get the chance later maybe buy an extra sword or two.

Let me see name okay, skills okay, skill okay, height and weight? Not sure what to up here let’s see, oh there’s a scale and measurement tape off to the side, okay and finished. I hand her the form and she looks it over for mistakes, says it look fine and if I had any questions. She says something like if I had any questions could find her at the help counter usually.

“Alright it cost 5 silver to process your forms. Thank you; do you want me to explain the rank system?”

Shit it cost 5 silver to register that was all I had left with me for today, what it’s not like I’m going to bring all my money with me when I go out I left most of it in the inn. It not like it was 5 whole silver I had 3 silver 18 coppers and 20 iron coins so just enough; I probably shouldn’t leave a big tip next time. I’m a little embarrassed counting out the total so when she offered I gladly accepted her explanation of the rank system. It’s a good diversion it usually something E-A rank and special s rank types right?

“So about the ranks you start off as a [Neophyte] you can take a skills test or complete a certain number of assignments to rank up to [Rookie]. Same applies to each level, be aware that you are charged for skill tests and are only refunded half if you pass, with each level costing more. Now following those is [Intermediate] followed by [Advance] and finally [Expert] there is levels within expert so not all those assignments would be the same. Your level is represented as a symbol on your guild card in order from neophyte to expert as circle, hexagon, square, triangle, and for expert up to 3 stars, expert level is determined by the number of stars of course.”

What the hell? Is this a religion now, neophyte that like a new priest isn’t it? Who came up with this rank system, seriously just add 2 more ranks above expert, what the hell with 3 stars!?

“Ah, yeah that’s great thanks”

“No problem, the request board is over there it you want to look into it alright.”

I said goodbye to my future wife and decided to leave, well I hope she would be. I’m tired and out of money so decide to go back and get some more cash before grabbing dinner it’s getting late now, going to take almost an hour to get back so a little early for dinner but why not.


I feel someone watching me, let’s ignore it not important.  Leaving I feel whoever was watching me stop I guess I’m not that interesting. Well I don’t know how long they were watching maybe they saw me struggle paying too. Well I was told I could pick up my guild card tomorrow as I was leaving, something about processing? Well I hope whoever was staring isn’t here tomorrow, well unless it’s a sexy lady looking to be with me maybe.

It took about as long as I thought to get back to the inn, so I grabbed some more coins and was going to eat. I saw the innkeeper and asked him again about the bath house and also where I could buy a map of the city. He told me that most maps weren’t very good and that at best I would find a detailed map if a small residential area. There was also the option of buying a magic mapping tool that maps out all the places you’ve been, it doesn’t make an actual drawing and only shows as long as you’re holding it. It sound amazing and somewhat useful to not get lost in forest and such as it centers on you, this also make it expensive.

Thieves will target you for having one, it shows you have money, and it can also be resold for a gold coin with basic types and up to 8 for ones powered by magic crystals. Well I could afford one but I don’t want to become a target so I decide against it.

“Welcome, have seat anywhere.”

A burly man at the bar calls out as I enter, I’m a little early I guess, or this place doesn’t get much business. There are only a couple of people sitting around so I take a seat in a corner of the room. Oh there are small menus with a small explanation and rough drawing depicting each item, what’s good?

“Hi, I can take your order when you’re ready sir.”

A cute bubbly voice calls out to me before I can decide what to pick. I look up and am a little disappointed; her voice doesn’t match her looks honestly.  Two blue braids, thick glasses and a flat chest, A-cup? Well I’m sure somebody dreams of her every night, probably.

I just ask for the house special or whatever is recommended after showing her the key to the inn. Well I hope it’s good at least, she walked away saying it will be ready in a bit. I look around the room while I wait and notice a large sword hanging on the wall next to a dragon’s foot? I’m a little confused about it so I wait until my food arrives to ask.

“Excuse me, what is that?”

“Oh, that’s the foot of a dragon the owner managed to sever when he was younger, barely escaping with his life.”

“Ok, but why is it mounted on the wall?”

“Ah, well soon after that the owner retired and opened this tavern, he couldn’t think of a name until he remembered the foot, so this place is called the Dragon’s claw”

So why’s the whole foot on the wall!?

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