Intermission: Garsu Serpent

“Thank you for the hard work here is the payment”

I received a small bag with a few silvers and coppers in it no need to count really, you can trust the guild. I’ve just returned from an intermediate subjugation request, some fool looking for some kind of herb destroyed a Garsu serpents eggs. They don’t usually attack people unless you attack them first, then your screwed as they will start randomly attacking every person they find. A group of adventurers once decided to eliminate every serpent in the Garsu forest, where they get their name from, damn idiots almost wrecked the capital.

It was horrible no one realized that the serpents ate the large rats that were found there, with the serpents gone the rats multiplied exponentially. They quickly depleted their food source the forest grasses, herbs, and insects, two months was all it took. When that ran out they moved to the grain fields with those gone the price of bread and wheat rose almost becoming a luxury item. Unfortunately only a few enjoyed those luxuries, the rats that burrowed into the storehouses of the greedy merchants, just one big mess.

Those idiots left thinking themselves heroes, yeah almost destroying a city real brave right? Those rats contaminated the water and spread diseases to the whole populace killing hundred with weak bodies, mostly children. Starving some turned to trying to eat the rats only making them sicker, washing contaminated meant with contaminated water doesn’t do anything. Where were the healers and clerics? Doing their damned best, that’s what, by the time people started becoming sick the seeking help they out numbered them twenty to one.

For every ten they cured another four would get sick again, a vicious cycle, doomed if the healer became sick also. Thank god for the automata, with no need to eat and immune to disease, it could be said they saved the kingdom. Tending fields in place of those sick and transporting supplies from faraway towns they were able to save many lives. Those saviors were asked to capture similar species of Garsu serpents as they would not be detected or agitated by the automata.

The creature we now call Garsu serpents are descended from those brought back along with some the idiot group missed. They were able to interbreed and the result of the automata could be seen, every serpent they brought back were as docile as the originals, some even friendly! Naturally there was some differences among them including size and color, those snakes were all female so the next generation of serpents came quickly and after enduring a hellish life for almost a year the number of Giant rats dropped in number. Ever since that happened 50 years ago the guild strictly prohibits hunting of Garsu serpents under rank penalty and fee.

Why would somebody hunt them? Well for their stylish leather of course, and their meat taste great as jerky, as I intend to find out. Well every now and then somebody pisses one off, sometime by accident other times on purpose so they have justification to kill it. Hard to tell but if you’re found to have agitated it on purpose you receive a larger fine than just killing one.

The one I killed happen to be a little bigger than usual a four footer so i can have something nice made after i get it skinned and tanned.



What’s this some white-haired kid got slapped by the registration counter, wow it hard to piss off miss Lily. She’s been here longer than anyone can remember, that’s an elf for you, never hear of her slapping anyone before. Oh, look like they’re past that and the kid is taking measurements, so he’s registering as an adventure then. Hmm, is he a fighter? Well that was mildly interesting,now what should I have made?

Oh, looks like a lot of guys are looking at that white-haired kid, well a lot of them are in love with her so it understandable.the kid seems to have taken notice and seems to be trying to make his way out quickly. I don’t think many youngster could take those stares filled with blood-lust and anger, good luck kid.

I leave a short while later and decide to drop off my big catch to get skinned and butchered, probably gonna cost me all I got for killing it but it’s worth it. Bracers and Greaves or should i go big and have my shields leather replaced, it’s just as good and sometimes better than regular leather so it’s hard to choose. Well i guess I’ll hear the tanner opinion first, either way it cost the same.


Speaking of weapons my axe looks like it could use sharpening been a while since the last time. Grip is starting to rip in a few place too, maybe where is some left over leather to replace the grip also.

A few days later when my new equipment was ready, I went out on another subjugation where i meet that kid again, is this fate or chance?

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