DemonLord 04



This food tastes horrible, seriously like salted dirt. What is this thing? Meat? An old shoe? Don’t look surprised you brought it, ah you looked away!

“W-What is this, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“T-T-The uhh, house special?”

Hey don’t answer my question with another question! How the hell is this the house special, it not right, that’s a lie right!? Seriously, alright I decided I’m never coming back. Yeah let’s get a refund too.

“Can I talk to the owner?”


“Uh, mis-”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry don’t tell the owner, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, please I don’t want to get in trouble, don’t worry your meal is free! This fine right you don’t need to talk to him right?”

“Hmm, OK then just one question then, this is?”

“Chicken… that I made.”

I see chicken….don’t fuck with me how is that chicken!?

“How exactly did you make this?”

“I-I grilled it… then boiled it, in fish broth.”

“And you are the chef for this place, is that right?”

“Not, exactly…more like junior trainee backup chef type thing?”

I’m looking around and no one else seemed to be disgusted with their food, what give why do I get this tragic mess? Seriously it’s like it was seasoned with dirt, hmm is that a twig? A root? Hundred percent sure that’s a root, holy hell did she seriously use dirt?

“How exactly did you season this, uhh, dish?”



“I mistook the sugar for salt.”


“Then I tried to even it out with rock salt but I couldn’t find any, so i used a rocks”

I’m starting to see what happened here, she should quit before she kills someone. She probably threw in a lump of hard clay or soil she thought was a rock and that just dissolved in the broth. Just how badly can you mess up chicken?

“I see well, can you take this and I dunno, feed it to some stray dog and get me something edible?”

“Right away sir *mumble* the strays won’t even eat *mumble*”

“You say something?”

“!! Ah, no sir I’ll get you something new asap”

I got a new plate after a while this one tasted better and seemed to be prepared right, not amazing but edible. She couldn’t look me in the eye the rest of the time I stayed, even when she brought my bill. Hmm, what are you waiting for you aren’t getting a tip today.

I decide to head back as more people start to come in to eat, feel like I’m forgetting something. Catching a glimpse of some adventurers I remembered I had wanted to purchase a cheap sword or two. Alright hopefully I can find a place close by that’s still open. Maybe one iron and one bronze?


“Hmm, the cheapest swords I got? You mean like the best one you can get at the lowest price?”

“Err, ahh, not quite more like something disposable or like a used practice sword. One bronze and one iron if possible.”

“You got a weird request you have boy, let me see what I can find in the back, you know you caught me just as I was leaving so why don’t you sit down while I go check.”

“Ah, I’ll do that then”

He open the door and led me inside, what’s this a waiting room? Why is there a waiting room? I could understand a chair or a bench but a waiting room?

“Ah, have a seat somewhere, this was my wife’s idea, back when she was an adventure she hated waiting around while the guys using bladed weapons looked around. Makes sense really most guy end up ordering custom weapons to match their height and strength, not like just any old thing will do.”

“I see..”

Well this is nicer than some musty old shop that smelled of metal and sweat. Hmm, oh there are some swords on the wall as well that’s typical, need to know the quality of the craftsmanship after all. After he disappeared into the back he started yelling out some question about size and weight and such. That with the racket made from moving what is probably a lot of swords I’m worried he’s gonna bother the neighborhood or something.

“Any preference? Single edged, double-edged, edgeless also what kind of tip squared, rounded, curved, or angled?”

“Umm, let’s go for single-edged iron and double-edged bronze whatever style tip is available I guess.”

He come out a while later with a couple of bronze and iron swords and lays them out for me to see. Ugh, some of these look awful and they’re rusted and chipped in a lot of places. Oh these look nice why are they here? Nice and shiny I know I asked for cheap but still what’s wrong with them?

“What’s wrong with these two?”

“Ah those were badly made by my upstart apprentice the iron sword is to brittle and would easily break, and the bronze is to soft it bends whenever its used. As punishment for wasting materials I made him hand sharpen and polish both before I was to scrap ‘em. They fit what you asked for so I brought them out also so long as yah don’t mind his mark being on the pommel.”

I check the pommel of both and find a little eye with a sword behind it stamped on both. This iron sword, isn’t it steel? Well I just need them to experiment on so it should be fine to see what I can do with some defects. Yeah these are fine but what’s the cost?

“How much for these?”

“Eh, I’ll sell ‘em to yah for just what the material cost so 2 silver would cover the iron and bronze along with the coal used to make ‘em. The handles are just some extra wood that was lying around and some cloth scraps on the iron sword, and leather on the bronze, good price right?”

“Yeah, very good, I’ll take them both”

“Good on yah lad, if you don’t mind me asking what you need them for?”

“Oh, nothing much just want to try something and see if it works before I use my sword for it, don’t want to break my sword on something I haven’t tried yet you know.”

“Ah I hear yah, let me get yah something to hold these things, on the house of course.”

I never understood the pricing on swords, I mean an iron sword cost more than a bronze sword, but then a copper is worth more than an iron coin. Then again these coins all appear from monsters so who knows what decides their value. A slime will drop a few iron or coppers while a dragon would drop several gold and platinum coins. Also something like a value of 30 platinum wouldn’t drop as just that, it would usually be something like 5-10 platinum and something around 200-250 gold coins. There are even stories of people being crushed when they killed some certain monsters like those undead types or ethereal ones since it just appears from nowhere.

Well as long as people use those coins no one cares. I thank the blacksmith and apologize for holding him back after hours. He said it was no problem and I did him a favor buying those swords as it was a waste of time to reprocess them. Told me if I ever need a good sword to come back he’ll sell me one at reasonable price.

I start making my way back wondering if I can even do anything with these things. Well it doesn’t hurt to try so I’m not losing that much. Should I try right away or wait until tomorrow morning? Well this might be easier to think about in the morning so it’s better to wait.

“Ah, welcome back sir.”

Oh it’s the perky receptionist again, seriously won’t you go out with me, is what I wanna say but don’t. Who knows what might happen with the lovely lady elf later so I should refrain from anything that might ruin it. I say my hello and head up to my room, yep same cheap look. I set the two sword i just bought down in the corner next to my own sword.


I really should have brought it earlier, but then I wouldn’t have gotten the magic sword idea. I unsheathed it and look it once over, reminiscing as I feel the grip in my palm. This blade is made of one of the highest quality of metals, what is it you ask? Oricalcum.

“What the hell!” Is probably what you might be thinking about now right? Isn’t that some legendary metal that was a gift from the gods!? Well kind of in a way, it’s an alloy made of specific amounts of mithril, adamantite, and titanium that fell from the sky as a meteorite long ago. From it six swords were made and only five are known of and keep stored by various nobles as treasures.

This is the one that was considered lost given to me by the man who raised me as his own son.

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