Side Story: DemonLords Enthronement

“All demons must be exterminated for the peace of the world.”

“Demons created monsters!”

“Demons corrupt our society!”

I don’t know who started those rumors, how can you say every one in a race is evil? Are there not human who kill other human? War, murder, rape, and theft these are problems that affect every society so why are all demons considered evil? Even this concept that demons are all evil was not enough to unite the human, the Genjer kingdom has been if conflict with the Barut empire for hundreds of years, the freedom alliance of the northern territories is still struggling to maintain Independence, the only ones who seemingly united were the Holy Xas kingdom and the Holy Zega kingdom.

Even they who seem to be allies have hidden conflict with their doctrines only agreeing that demons need to be wipers from the planet in the name of “god”, it’s ridiculous. Who do you think put demons here in the first place, what is a demon anyways? Some horned monsters that kill everything in their path? Wrong most demons don’t have horns only a small percentage do, it is a desirable trait that allows one to absorb mana from the air more quickly that normally possible.

The horns on a demon’s head was a mutation that appeared at some point, even now the chance of horns appearing on a demon is 1 in 10,000 in humans 1 in million. That’s right human can be born with horns as well, however this is where humans show their ugly side. Any child born with horns would be killed along with the mother, believing them to be demons consort, to hide this mothers would even go as far as killing their own child to save themselves. Your child is a bit different so you kill them, how it that anyway to live?

What they call demon lord is just the ruler of the demon county, you wouldn’t the king of the Genjer kingdom the human lord would you? No that’s just stupid right? So why call the king of demons as such? To instill fear in the human society, to vilify the title, killing the king in any county would do very little to collapse that society. The most that would happen is you would create a power vacuum that would probably be filled by someone else. Yet the human kingdoms keep sending heroes to kill the “demonlord” and save the country, kingdom, or world depending on how they want to paint it.

“My lord, preparations are nearly complete.”

“Alright, thank you”

I shouldn’t think too deeply about it but still, as I am to take the throne of “DemonLord” my mind can’t seem to focus and wanders into these topics. I am to take the throne as the 24th king, I should prepare a speech of some kind for any “spectators” that may appear. Always saying that demons infiltrate your countries then doing it yourselves in this one, really hypocritical don’t you think? It’s common practice to send spies to watch the activities of your enemies yet you cry when we do it?

The ones trained in the act of espionage and war should be well suited for such tasks usually those born with horns tend to serve the county. As such I is quite easy to understand why every soldier or spy would have trouble entering human countries, the opposite isn’t true though and they easily enter our cities and it’s simpler to stand in a crowd to hear information than to find it hiding out of sight. While our information on humans is lacking they know our city layouts and military personnel and of course whenever a new king is throned. Quite unfair in my opinion.

“My lord, we’re ready”

“Alright good work”

As I walk to the throne room I can’t help but to wonder what the past king had thought, being “DemonLord” is a huge responsibility and also death sentence. Every single one has been murdered by a hero, yet still some has to lead the people, no more like provide assurance to the citizen. The hero goes after the demonlord so everyone else is safe, if there was no king some country might invade and actually kill the populace. In a way the demon country could be said to have the lowest Civilian casualty ratio of any country to the point it was almost non-existent.

“Introducing the 24th demonlor-”

“That fine”

“But my lord!”

“It’s fine.”

I walk to the throne in front of the citizens and demon nobles there is no need for such formalities. On such a special occasion regular citizens attend to watch the king, they understand somewhere deep inside themselves that “this is the person that will die for us” and show up in droves to see the one they owe their lives to. Dont worry I won’t die that easily, I plan to live well until i accomplish my goal. I clear my throat after I’ve sat down so i can give a speech.

“First off I would like to thank you all for attending today. Now this may not be how it is normally is have to say this since I truly believe it. Comparatively speaking demons are one of if not the youngest race in this world, yet we would be denied the right to live and have our home burned to the ground. They would just as easily silence millions of demon as easily as mice, we are expected to cower in fear while their kings and heroes attack us. What i say to that is let them! If that’s what they need to sleep safe at night so be it.”

-psst psst-

“What’s he mean?”

“First he skips formalities now this?”

“Can we trust such a king?”


“However, I will not stand for this kind of action any longer! If a hero comes he will not find someone he can easily beat! We will show human the error of their ways, if they want something to fear, we will give it to them! However I will not lead you down the path of destruction, no quite the opposite under my rule we will have prosperity, and i hope someday peace. I hope one day demons and humans can co-exist so we may be united the case of impending threats such as whatever caused the fall of the ancient kingdom. Such a thing seems unlikely but if it happened once who is to say it won’t happen again? I have reason to believe such a crisis may befall the world once again hopefully it won’t destroy us when it happens.”

The following few days in every human countries rumors spread of the new DemonLord, and how he foretold the end of the world unless both races united. These rumors were warped as they were passed around until a month later it came to be said the DemonLord had the same power that destroyed the ancient kingdom.

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