DemonLord 06

I arrived around noon to where I would make my camp site, there were some other adventurers there as well. In this world it makes sense even if you are competing to build camp next to each other. The unfortunate guy that dies first is a warning alarm for night-time monster attacks and there is always the chance to score some free stuff after. Trading also happens a lot, as many adventurers can’t cook, if one can they can usually score a free meal preparing food from any ingredients that are offered.

This time it seems no one can Cook. As I have two of the request tickets and there are only five guys, at least two have one ticket each so they probably only prepared to maybe stay a night only. There are three women and two guys not counting myself so they probably formed parties formed of two or three. Its courtesy to introduce one self, in case of death, for records sake. As I’m the last one here it would be better to go one by one.

“Hi, how you doing”

Seems someone beat me to the introductions, its one of the three women, she explains that she’s here with one of the guys and the other two girls. That make jealous, like for real, there are those lucky guys that always end up travelling with a party of women must be awesome. If there is monster attack I hope you become the warning. I’m not even sorry, seriously why can’t I get a part of pretty women?

“Oh, yeah that’s nice, so how many newts you guys here to collect?”

“Oh we each got a ticket, so twelve I guess?”

“Did someone already kill some newts and home back?”

“Nope, that guy with the ax apparently got 4 tickets by himself so he’s hunting the same as us. He already killed 4 when we got here.”

Is that a dwarf? Looks like the weapon shop owner, I might sound racist but a short stocky guy with an axe looks like a dwarf no matter what anyone says. I finish talking to the girl and head over to talk to the dwarf guy.

“Yo, nice to meet you pretty big ax you got there, heard you got four tickets yourself right?”

“What’ch want kid, I’m busy got no time to be looking out for brats.”

“Okay, I understand just thought I’d say my hellos is all.”

“You and that party that thinks ‘mself the hero, brought nothing but women so he could show off in front of.”

Ah this guy gets it, if he wasn’t so rude we could have been friends, well maybe. Still I’m also sure that guy is just trying to get with one of those girls, probably all of them. Poor bastard that never ends well, a woman’s love is as vast and incomprehensible as the night sky. I’m sure one if not all those girls would rather have you dead than share you with the other, probably as a murder suicide type ending.

Just looking at that mushy scene makes me nauseous, geez keep it indoors would you. I better prepare a tent quickly and see about trying to kill some newts before the sun sets. I own the smallest cheapest tent that probably exist, made of some interlocking wooden rods and cloth that’s been waterproofed with wax nothing fancy. I had originally planned to buy one but it was a huge ripoff, renting one is better but only if you rarely camp out.

I had slowly gathered materials for this tent, finding straight branches and drying and carving them so they all fit together. I when I happened across the remains of a caravan or adventurers, even if someone else had passed by already, I was always able to find some processed wood or cloth. A huge step up from the instant tent type kits which was just a rope some tarp and some spikes. Those thing let so much wind in I can’t see a point in them others than keeping out the rain.

I finish setting up my tent rather quickly, looks like I have a few hours of daylight left so I decide to head out and hunt. As the name implies lesser water newts are young water newts that can’t use water elemental attacks yet. As they mature they form a crest on their head, people aren’t really sure if it’s used for mating or to channel mana. When a water newt has lived for 20 years it undergoes a secondary growth period, some call it an evolution, due to experience they have probably amassed in their lifetime.

In any case only a skilled warriors are the ones able to challenge greater water newts. When threatened they tend to shoot off magically pressurized jets of water that have a tendency to punch hole through both rocks and people. Luckily they can’t fire consecutively and there is a five-minute delay between each shot, but you dodge one second late you lose an arm if you’re lucky. Due to the horn that replaced their crest the received the nickname “hellish water imps” after one had killed an up and coming adventure by surprise.

Of course greater water newts are rare as not many newts live past the first ten or so years. Many lesser newts are killed for as a source of meat, even the jerky I brought is made of newt. Their leather is also a popular material among both genders due to its light blue color and the fact that it doesn’t dry out and crack like regular leather. Their bone also tend to be used to make some types of medicine and used as fake dragon bones in fortune-telling.

Overall a very useful creature, there were plans to domestic some but they were found to remain small when raised in captivity. Many assumed that the reason they grew in size was because they naturally lived in mana heavy environments. In any case the meat from captive newt tasted inferior to wild newts so only getting a third of the meat and tasting worse that normal domestication was abandoned quickly after. The same could be said for other elemental newts as well.


Oh, lucky me two newts don’t seem to have noticed my presence yet, they seem to be facing off against each other, a dispute? Fortunately they’re standing by the shallow river bank on the other side so I can probably kill both if I get there some how. I should probably hurry they won’t keep staring at each other for much longer, I’m not sure who would win but the loser would be worthless if it’s pointlessly ripped apart. I have A good idea I just hope it work right.


I call out one of the key words as I swing Gelida Ventus sending out a blade of wind between the newt that freezes the water up until them. I quickly run up and using Ardens Terra I lop off both their heads as they look around confused at what is happening. They never had a chance, I bend over to collect the bodies so I can drain the blood when I notice something’s wrong. The part of the river I had frozen seems to be expanding showing no sign of stopping.

“Really how do I turn I off?”

I stop supplying mana to Gelida Ventus but that doesn’t appear to work. Instead of saving the world this sword is more likely to freeze from what I see. I hadn’t foreseen this happening, but for another type situation I had another idea for using Ardens Terra, I hope this works.


Again slashing as I did before this time I send a blast of fire that I had thought would be able to melt down metal doors or traps. To think the first time I use it would be as damage control, it also isn’t supposed to be used as a slash but to stab into what I wish to melt. In this case if it worked I would fall into the river and I don’t feel like taking and unplanned swim down stream. It seems to work, the water seems warm for a bit but as the river flows it start to even out.

Now the proper way to drain blood from a water newt is to tie a rope around its body and submerge it in the river in a way so the cut end is facing downstream. Most other creature would be hung to let gravity drain them water newts through some force of nature or magic are different. Out of water their blood will turn almost jelly like 10-20 minutes after death, while in water it flows as normal up to an hour after death, although draining takes no more than 45 minutes depending on size. These the size of large dog won’t take to long.

When it looks like no more blood is coming out after thirty or so minutes I decide it’s time to go find some more.

“Open storage”

I using the ring I wear on my right index finger I open the magical storage. Keeping everything as fresh as when you first store it and great for quest like these. I store the two water newts and head off looking for another before the sun sets.

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