So I went down stairs on I believe Monday or Tuesday hard to tell all the days kinda blend together recently. Anyways i that was about a week ago since just doing that I exerted to much energy and can’t seem to stay awake to long without my eye hurting after 4-6 hours then I have to go sleep\ pass out. Pain aside I usually end up tired from just sitting for an hour or so or standing for more than 10 -15 minutes even just laying down still hurts. That said I still get ask why I don’t go downstairs more often, I can’t really answer with “if I do I’ll be to exhausted to move when I get back upstairs”. Normally I like to get up early i used to wake up 6-7am and go to sleep midnight to 1am now I wake up around 8 end up tired around 12-1 go back to sleep wake up 4-6 stay up until maybe midnight then wake again at 8. My biggest fear at the moment is that the bone won’t fuse back together I want to move around again without any pain. Its really depressing.

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