DemonLord 07

Storage items are amazing and come in different shapes and sizes. From rings and earring types to bag and gem types, for all your storing need! Unless you plan to store more than 10 cubic meters you only ever need one, with each newt being between one and one half meters more than enough room. Of course you never know what can happen so it’s best not to rely too much on something that can slip off your finger at anytime.

I was able to find two more newts before I headed back one a bit away from the riverbank and the other on my way back to camp after draining the others blood. I got back as it got dark, I’ll probably be able to find two more in the morning if I’m lucky. Being 60% done before the first day is over is a job well done in my book. I arrive back at camp after picking up some kindling.

“Hey any luck out there?”

“Hmm, you are…?”

“Oh, i’m friend with the girl you spoke to earlier, remember?”

“Oh right sorry I didn’t get a good look at your face so I couldn’t remember, your name is?”

“I’m Lauren, nice to meet you.”

“Yeah nice to meet you, you guys find any newts?”

“Yeah a few if we’re lucky we might be able to finish by tomorrow night, how about you?”

“I got four so far so I’m doing well, maybe I can probably finish tomorrow.”

We finish talking when I say I have to get started preparing my dinner. It was a pretty quiet evening, contrary to my belief that Mr. hero would be busy I was apparently wrong. Actually speaking of the hero, I don’t know if he actually is as I don’t want to check his titles,using analyze causes some discomfort so people know when it’s used on them to some extent. It’s not all that hard to get the title of hero killing a lesser demon can easily grant the title, True Hero is harder to get.

The first method to obtain that title is to killing a Demon, if not that saving a county from an impending disaster like a dragon or such could qualify in some cases. Really depends how close you cut it to a country’s destruction if you kill the threat before it’s really a threat it doesn’t count. In the same way some would try to wait until the last moment then be the hero but no that doesn’t work it has to be of the goodness of your heart. There is a line somewhere, it’s mostly just luck someone becomes a hero.

“Er, ah, excuse me?”

“Huh? Can I help you?”

“Uh, you wanna eat with us?”

I was not expecting this, I thought mister hero would be against someone intruding with on his lovey dovey time. Maybe I was wrong, maybe the hero is a nice guy, I have to meet him if that as the case. To be around three women on a daily basis I don’t see how something wouldn’t start, even more so in a life where the possibility of dying is a daily reality. Well there is always one reason I could see why the hero isn’t flirting, also why I’m being asked to eat with them, he could be gay.

“Uh, yeah sure I guess we could eat together.”

“Yay, come one let’s go!”

She seemed more excited than was necessary this has me concerned I hope I’m wrong about this.

“Hi, nice to meet you I’m Milo”

“Nice to meet you.”

Hmm he doesn’t seem gay, seems a little young around 13 probably? Is he to young to act on his impulses yet maybe he just doesn’t see these ladies as the opposite sex? Still to be a hero at such a young age he must have such considerable power surely he will be great hero in the future. These girls must be quite powerful as wel- pfft why are you girls blushing while looking at us?

-psst psst-

“He and Milo, they look so wonderful together.”

“Haa, haa, haa”



Hey! Is that girl okay?

“Hey Milo is your Friend gonna be okay?”

“Yeah she’ll be fine, this happens often. She gets tired easily apparently. “


“Well then let eat then shall we? Rania can you help me move Hana to the tent?”

“Haa, haa, sure”

I’m worried about the people in this party, the one helping the hero Milo seem to be breathing pretty heavily before they’ve even started. I noticed as they passed me that the girl who collapsed seemed to be very red I hope she isn’t sick. Lauren seems to be the most competent among the three, she started plating food leaving a serving for hana. I sit down and chat with Lauren while waiting for Milo to return.

“How did you end up in a party with Milo?”

“I was the last one to join Milo, this was after he saved me in the dungeon after my party was wiped out. At first I was mad at him why did he save me who had lost my comrades, he should have just left me to die so I could be with them. I slapped him crying I questioned him why couldn’t he have been here faster, why could he save everyone, why was I saved. He just stood there as I poured my heart out, he accepted as I just hit him in frustration, when I fell silent, he hugged me.”


“He said “I don’t know how you feel, but I don’t believe your comrades would have wanted you to have died.” I cried and cried until I couldn’t anymore. After they had helped me out of the dungeon with nowhere to got I decided to follow Milo, it’s been a few months since then, I have yet to regret my choice.”


I see everyone has their own circumstances, I don’t think many people would be able to move on from something like that. Milo is an amazing character to be able to be there as the support, that must be a lot of pressure on him. I don’t think I could be in his position the pressure would be too much for me, I want to be like him when I’m older. Wait how old is he this all sounds like something someone 3 times my age would be like.

“How old is Milo?”

“Ah, he just turned 14 last month, why?”

…. What the hell he’s two years younger than me!?

“I see…”

“Ah, Milo are you ready to eat?

“Yeah sure Lauren.”

We discussed minor things over dinner and eventually hana woke up and came to eat with us, over all it was quite a pleasant evening.


The next morning I woke up early so I could finish a quickly as possible. As i left camp th noticed signs that the dwarf from yesterday had already left hunting, very diligent aren’t you? Milos party seemed to be waking up as i left probably planning to hunt nearby, as to not bother them i decide to follow the river upstream to find some newts. As i walked along the river i search for the creature but find none did the dwarf have the same idea as me? I hear chopping as approach the a large stone by the side of a river, it’s probably the dwarf but what is he chopping?

“You’re outta luck brat I already killed all the newts in this area gonna have to find somewhere else”

I see he has been chopping off the heads of fallen newts, 2,4,6,8, amazing he’s already killed 10 since he’s been out here. He’s probably gonna drain them and search for more soon, I better hurry before it’s too late.

“Wow you’re pretty good aren’t you?”

“Was just luck, fer whatever reason they came running downstream I just had to stand here and swing”

“Hm? Why did the go downstream I thought they usually had their own territories and fought to keep other newts out.”

 “Who knows brat, maybe the wer a stronger newt that took their territory, don’t matter really.”

It’s true there were variations among the same species and among even humans some have natural talent, who’s to say there wasn’t a stronger newt. Probably took up a lot of the area upstream to make them run so far, I kinda want to see what’s so special about it. Maybe I can even kill it for myself if it’s any good. Well either way i came here to take a bath also and there are some pools of water deep enough to sit in by the river I’m told. I wave to the dwarf as i leave,i have to see this newt.

I arrive at where the river starts after about an hour, I spotted some newts that didn’t seem to be scared or running away, just going about their business as usual. I didn’t bother them so they ignored me for the most part, one attacked me but I simply knocked it out, i don’t have time to waste on you now so I’ll be back later. As i walk around the lake i spot some of the pools of water i can take a bath in. As I’m examining them i notice some movement in the water something is coming.


There is an almost explosion like sound as something jumps out of the water behind me. As the water falls back to earth I notice that this isn’t a normal newt. Lesser, normal and greater water newts are all some shade of blue the darker the older it is, that’s common knowledge. This thing was not blue, sleek and smooth it was an abyss of darkness, no mistake that it was darker than black. A very old greater newt could possibly become so blue it could become black, the problem was its size, if after twenty years a lesser newt grew to the size of five meters from one and a half, how many year to get this big. With the size that easily surpassed 100 meters in length, if it’s assumed it grew five every twenty it would be no less than 400 years old.


Wait a minute something is wrong, it’s not like this thing suddenly appeared today with its size it’s probably been here all along so what would scare the other newts to flee? It’s power must surely be at the point where all other newts wouldn’t even threaten it, it probably could even be considered the god of this lake. What could scare all those newts, and cause this beast to move?



“Foolish creature you should have minded your own business, never being challenged has inflated your ego! I will have to teach you about fear, the price will be your life!!”

I look around looking for whoever is yelling, it surely must either be someone very powerful or very stupid, I doubt most people could take this beast on. To take on a greater newt of this size…. What! Looking upon its head where there should be a single horn are two is it some sort of mutation I’ve never heard of two horns except on demons. I reach for my sword when something happens and one of the beast’s legs gets blown off falling in the water and sinking to the bottom. I watch again as he same happened to the other three limbs and unable to stand on the water just as it starts to sinks something grabs it but the tail and tosses it to the shore where it breaks several trees before stopping.


It roars loud enough to echo through the land and scares all the creatures, not out of fear though that roar was to warn them to run. I’m sure anyone who hear that felt what I did, that it knows it was foolish and will die soon.

“Serves you right thinking you could attack me for no reason. Now die!”

With one final movement a loud thud could be heard as the beast’s head falls to the ground never to move again. The one who did this turns and faces in my direction.

“I’m sorry, no one can know I was here so I’m afraid I can’t let your leave with your life.”

He rushes at me almost flying over the water’s surface I can clearly see him for the first time. With two horns on his head it’s undeniable, only one race is known for their horns, it’s a Demon.

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