DemonLord 08

-Demon’s POV-

I was sent to keep watch on the human’s movements and to report of any abnormal activity. It was a boring task and I don’t know why we can not just wipe the humans out with our strength we are clearly better than them it makes no sense to me. I’ve been told that we are fighting to protect our people, so why can’t we just rid ourselves of these pests, seems so simple. You don’t understand, you’re not seeing the whole picture, just someone who thinks with their fists these thing have all been said to me. My assignment is over after today so I prepare to head back to the demon country and leave horrible human capital

Unfortunately the path I took to arrive seems to have been blocked during an avalanche it would be a simple matter to jump over the debris. I can’t do that though since I was told don’t attract unwanted attention and there are several people out moving debris so I’m forced to take a different path. Instead of a quick path through the mountains I have to go around on passing the between the lake and forest area adding an extra day to my journey. It really annoys, I end up camping out somewhere in the forest since it’s gotten late having to backtrack around the mountain.

The next morning I wake before the sun has even risen and continue my journey, strange I havent encountered any monster throughout the forest. Could I have been so irritated I let my power leak out? Still not a problem that should concern me only beast with their instincts would run, humans and demons would hardly notice it. Still I wish there was something I could take my frustration out on, well if a human sees me i can kill it right? Thinking that i remove the illusion magic that hides my form, it’s not my fault I’m bad with magic right?


I can’t help but chuckle as walk I hope I encounter some human parties, the more the merrier right? I spot a lake as I walk this should be halfway around the mountain now? Feeling thirsty I go to drink from one of the pools of water by the side.


I can feel some vibrations from the water as something is coming, not failing my expectations by any means a giant beast appears from the water’s depths. Basically exploding out of the water I can’t help but to laugh at such a grand entrance, it doesn’t even bother to roar probably just intending to intimidate me with just its size, how stupid. So foolish it’s probably never been threatened so it’s probably jumping at the chance to kill me, oh it also has horns growing from its head. Even if we are similar I won’t go easy on you, I have a lot of stress to deal with and you are going to help me work it out.

I can’t help but laugh at its stupidity, I yell my thoughts at it dumb thing probably doesn’t understand what I’m saying though. In less than a second I slice off one of its legs with my bare hand, what’s with that puzzled look, you thought this was gonna be fair? This is going to be a one-sided slaughter! As it realizes what it’s gotten itself into I quickly cut off the other 3 legs, no longer able to stand on the water’s surface it begins to fall down.

Well where do you think you’re going the session just started and we still have some time left. I grab hold of it tail and toss it to the shore and watch it cry out in fear for the first and last time. This was to easy I taunt it on last time before I cast the finishing blow, the sound of its head falling sound through the now quiet lake. It was a pathetic thing but it did have such a huge presence that it wasn’t until it died I notice someone watching from across the lake.

“I’m sorry, no one can know I was here so I’m afraid I can’t let your leave with your life.”

That’s a lie I just want to take out this frustration that’s built up, you’re just the first unlucky bastard I found. I charge at him with my hand aimed at his heart. How long had it been since I’ve enjoyed the sensation of having someone’s beating heart in my hand? Sorry human this will be over quick.


I don’t know what a demon is doing here but I don’t have time to worry about it. I quickly draw both swords and barely have time to stop his hand before it reaches my chest. Whoa what are you aiming for you trying to end this before we can even start how’s that any fun. Judging from the what I saw with the overgrown newt this demon seems to like finishing quickly.

“You did well stopping my blow”


Why do you look so surprised, surely you didn’t think I would be an easy target did you? Just cause you were strong enough to take that thing down you expect me to roll over and die? Don’t make me laugh something that size is nothing to be proud of. I push him back and force him to jump back, but before he can land I’ve already attacked.

“What the hell!?”

That seemed to surprise him but it’s not enough I push him on the defensive not leaving any chances for him to attack. I will admit he is strong but I’m not someone who will lose to him. Jumping back I swing Ardens Terra calling out the keyword, it’s my victory!


Incinerate unleashes the strongest attack among the firestorm enchantment while also using maximize magic to boost its power doubling its output. I have yet to test every attack that’s been enchanted because many would cause a scene or cause havoc this is clearly an example why. I watch as a huge pillar of flames engulfs the demon spanning over fifty meters into the sky, I can feel the heat as even the nearby lake has started the boil. I could have destroyed a city or at least a large village just from a single attack, yet something seems wrong, he’s not screaming in pain.


He’s laughing.

With a wave of his arm the flame pillar disperses, leaving him unscathed. It’s unbelievable that he could survive such a thing, I shouldn’t underestimate him. Well either way this is a good test subject in comparison to any newt I would have found, really that’s the reason I came out here in the first place. Still I never expected my attack would have no effect, could the compatibility be bad, I can’t tell what element he is good against.

Unlike humans whose hair color is dyed since birth in the compatible magic system, demons all have black hair. The reason being that their biological make-up levels out their magic levels enabling usage of most magic. However the cost to cast a spell is higher than if a human with a spell of the same level was to cast it. This is because the advancements made by those who specialized in one area, such as fire type would be able to easily use their innate ability to reduce the cost.

The demons however could potentially win in a prolonged one on one since they had larger mana pools and the ability to replenish their mana supply quickly. Even more so with horned demons who would almost instantly recover mana for small spells. Using a large area spell would take much longer recover from having done only about half the damage that human spells would cause. It was because of this there weren’t many high-ranking mages among the demon army and most in the army were considered low-level threats.

The problem that faced the humans was not spell attacks but spell buffs which could change the flow of battle. Things such as defense up or attack up were the most common and wouldn’t be a problem however they cost very little mana. In the time it took a buff to wear off it could be applied again in an endless cycle. This caused any war to have hundred of casualties on both sides with no winner, as humans could heavily cast magic attacks.


I just felt like I was being touched all, over a unique feeling only felt when some kind of appraisal magic is used. Really to go that far… I can’t overlook this.

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