Some info

First of all, thanks to those who have been reading.

moving on all chapter that have been posted were those which I wrote in the first week of starting and I am currently stopping for a few days to write more. I have some side stories written but that point in the story isn’t close enough to insert most of them. next I had this kick-starter thing found in the about page to raise some money so I can have some art commissioned from what I’ve heard some artist will charge up to 100$ hoping I wouldn’t get charged more than 50 per I wanted some images. ¬†another reason I made the kickstarter was I was hoping to print a few edited paper backs with in a year as I have most of the story worked out but haven’t typed it yet since I can’t sit for hours at my pc since my legs are broken. also I need some cash for bills and such since I’m not working ATM but not important I can’t do anything about that either way. I actually have chapters up on google drive so I can’t type on my tablet while in bed. last thing if youve clicked to look at the kick starter which only like two people have there was a 50$ thing to have your name in the story well that went nowhere fast so if you have a name you want to throw out in the comments it might end up in the story okay? that is all thanks!!

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