About me

Oh I should mention(I mentioned it somewhere Facebook? Twitter?) I am a self proclaimed shitty writer. There is of course a reason for this and that reason is that its probably my fault that standardized writing exams went from a rating score of 1-4 to 0-6. Cause apparently I was the only one who wrote so badly that I couldn’t even receive a score of 1 that it was hand marked as 0 following writing test started appearing with 0-4. Following that I wrote a thing that followed the exact minimum needed to revive a score of 3 but used a lot(like a metric shit ton) of what is now called redundancy following this scores were again reassessed and changed to 0-6 making a score of 3 just passing. I have never lived down that time even if I had written the greatest work in the universe some time in the future I’m still a shitty writer.

I was put off by writing for the longest time but if there is a story to be told badly I’m the guy to tell it!!!

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