About writing-Rant

I never really like the writing style on most fantasy story especially English type stories. “She had auburn hair the flowed like the sun in the spring” type thing I very annoying it sound so forced I hated it.
I tried that somewhat with the first story I wrote hero’s descendant and I couldn’t get into that made the whole story read like a mess in my opinion. In demonlord I wanted to try a more natural approach while still in first person view style but I didn’t want the whole “I saw her like a rose in a field of wildflowers”  type thoughts so I I tried to write it how I would have actually thought it myself with a hint of comedic effect. That’s how I ended up with the scene at the start of chapter 3 same with the chapter 2 where its stated the area looks like shit. Not the whole ” the area was run down and decrepit it smelled of poverty” that’s not how a normal person thinks!!!

Well in either case until I can get some names i m stuck for the next 2-3 chapter names for Milo n co. came from Milo yiannopoulos that I’ve been watching on YouTube the homo implications and personality was there before i named him and the guy seems like a stand up fellow. The girls laurna rania and hana all came from a name generator, not cause I don’t know any women I just completely forgot about them until afterwards. Buy yeah any name suggestions you can leave in the comments male or female I need about 4-5 each if possible.


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