Pity assholes-Rant

So I get his by a car flying into the sky hit the asphalt face down and bounce just to land face up both my femurs broken. pretty shit right? I was awake and very conscious through the whole thing which sucked didn’t pass out until hours later after my legs were set which also sucked. long story short in the hospital for one month unable to move until the last 3 day at which point I was discharged fucking stuck using a walker for at minimum 3-4 more months.never even found the guy who hit me so out of work now with no money!

Then comes along this asshole I knew in high school gets in a collision with some old lady in the hospital for 3 days and had way more fucking people visit him. his friend funded a kick starter for some thing and got it filled quickly. fucking seems fine in all the pictures he post online up until a month ago where suddenly he’s using a cane like he can’t move without one! like really I fucking hate this fucking asshole. I got the worst nurse my first day the fucking jammed a catheter to deep and no one believed me my freaking doctor was never around, fucking physical therapy treated me like shit immediately after surgery fucking wanted me up and trying to walk. I had to pay 490$ to get my vehicle out of the impound lot cause paperwork wasn’t filed until late so they couldn’t pick until Monday with no weekend openings. god damn police report wasn’t filed until who know when since my brother was told he could pick it up on the same Monday and we didn’t get it until just before Christmas fucking had to pay for that also which turned out to be a waste since there was no information about the a-hole who ran me over. I’m not looking for pity fuck that I make joke about how horrible my life is to my friend hell me and my friend have a running joke about it (you need to get a life, I have a life it’s just not a good one) .what do you want me to do

I just want to voice my hate for that piece of human excrement that’s getting and playing off all this pity like he has the worst possible luck in the world. you play video games for a living you don’t know what a shit life is. every job I worked has been an overnight with fucking horrible locations, my one fucking means of transport was destroyed couldn’t work even if I wanted too. I finally just had a good job too only 30 minutes away by bus 15 driving shit places that I’ve worked were in order a preschool, hotel, office buildings, rental properties and finally some more rental properties(security) all of those job except the first and last I had a supervisor always watching and in each one they didn’t like me and always found something wrong, never informed me of shit (literally told everyone to leave early when it rained once and “forgot” to tell me I was out in the pouring rain for 6 hours cleaning grills) or just plain lied to me. the fucking abandoned me fucking 20 something miles at the job site once at 3 am and you know what this is the first god dam time im complainant about shit  cause complaints do nothing except entertain others so enjoy.


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