On Shock-Rant

continuing on from yesterday some people might be thinking every accident is different that pity a-hole might have a serious injury and needs a cane, but it wasn’t my brother had the exact same collision style hit except he was awake for the whole thing. in a hospital for 3 days and had some trouble walking for 3 or so weeks afterwards. as far as I know the pity a-hole didn’t break anything while my brother had a hairline fracture on his Fibula correction his chest(rib?) and his hip (his girlfriend had the thing her fibula along with some broken bones), didn’t need a fucking cane!

anyways about shock its defined here now people seen to assume confusion is shock at times so they’re fucking stupid. well when I was hit I yelled out for help calling for a doctor thinking back it might have seen stupid but I was in the middle of somewhat heavy traffic the chances of a doctor in one of the cars a there. so instead this lady rushes over(someone told me later she was a nurse?) and says if I’m okay, now at this point I took off my helmet since it was uncomfortable at this point. I say to her “I can feel my leg is it alright?” she ignores me while she calls 911 so I ask gain and she tells me I’m in shock and to calm down. the fuck you mean to calm down!? I think it’s perfectly reasonable if you can’t feel an appendage to ask if its fine, right? of course I was breathing fast and my pulse was elevated now I’m no doctor and I probably never will be but I doubt I was in shock. I was in a hell of a lot of pain I think if some guy started beating on you your pulse would elevate and you’d breath slightly faster right?

I wasn’t confused I was aware of what was going on fuck I pulled out my cell(miraculously didn’t break in my pocket) and called my boss(always told myself I’d do this if it happened) and calmly told him “hey, I was just hit by a car I’m not going to be able to work for a while okay.” he told me to call him later(I don’t think he believed me) I then called my brother. now is that something a person I shock would do? I don’t think so now my legs looked fine here’s an x-ray of how the bone looked six weeks ago don’t click it if you don’t like broken things. nothing broke through the skin and except for a minor scrap on my upper lip I looked fine(whole) from then until now my upper body hasn’t hurt so I was able to elevate my self and look at my legs they looked fine I could somewhat move the left leg the right I couldn’t feel(still can’t feel part of it) me thinking it might just be a few bruises maybe a minor fracture try to move my leg not the smarted move I should say. now its just my opinion but if you ever see someone run over or in an accident instead of just dismissing anything they say with ” you’re in shock” if they say they can’t feel something tell them it might be broken and it’s probably severed a nerve or something if I had been told that I sure as hell would not have tried to move my leg.Y1EbFxg

side note: paramedics didn’t have a good grip the stretcher and dropped me about 3 inches off the ground, then the medicine they gave me had no effect. had to wait until surgery for the good shit.

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