So I was watching this video when suddenly Xanax was brought up I’m not in to the whole drug thing and really don’t like even taking over the counter or prescription drugs. i have this little orange thing they give you with some pills in it called Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 5-325 TB I’m not sure how strong its considered and i rarely take them to the point that i ended up with two full containers for a while. one from when i had all my wisdom teeth removed and the second for my broken legs. now my teeth removal didn’t hurt at all and i actually called the doctor to see if it was normal for it not to hurt as every source on the internet talks about swelling and pain i was eating a burger that same day. not the same with my leg though and there were point where i just had pain flare ups, it left me mentally exhausted.

now in cases where I have to do something like a doctor’s appointment I do take a pill or 2 as recommended it suppresses pain to the point that i can walk slightly faster but whatever that’s not what I’m here to talk about is this little shit i found.

Big pharma often pushes patients take drugs like Watson 3202 or Watson 749 and others like Oxycontin and Vicodin to treat pain instead of cannabis for profit. Hopefully as marijuana laws relax and it becomes more widely available all that will change.

that enlightening piece of information was found here I wanted to look up my medicine using the little numbers on the pill I shit you not the third from the top (if you don’t get sponsored content) was this fucking weed smokers piece of shit. now I honestly don’t have problems with people who smoke that stuff just don’t do it around me, now the problem I had with his article was this part of the statement about pushing medicine for profit. now like I’ve said I don’t smoke and probably never will if its alcohol I could down a bottle of vodka and barely be swaying again not my point. my point is if there is money to be made, it will be made and if you think pot is a good alternative to medicine you’re wrong. I’m assuming someone had to pay for the growing and processing of all that pot or is it gonna be some kinda system where you have to help to get your share? no you’re gonna pay for it like everything else and the shit you bought for five dollars from your dealer is gonna start costing you at least triple for half the amount and you can bet its going to be mixed with just as many extras as cigarettes.

now the difference between someone taking a pill for pain and smoking a joint is vastly different. if I feel pain I can stop take a pill and wait for it to kick in, if a pot smoke has pain they stop fucking inhale like a vacuum cleaner and don’t give a damn about whose around and they might come in contact with and always seem to dismiss criticism with “its natural don’t worry”. first of all I there are study that say it does in fact help with pain but not at the amounts of these people who want to legalize it so they can smoke where they want when they want are smoking. three puffs is what is says not a whole joint not a bowl 3 puffs that’s it. sure it could be adjusted like any other medicine but smoking at the same rate as a pack a day chain smoke would be the same as talking bottles of pain pills.

now the reason I don’t take medicine is there are some addictive ones out there and I don’t want to take that chance I can drink alcohol without much effect on me and ive never come home black out drunk where I couldn’t remember the night before. there are of course asshole that always imply “oh you can’t become addicted to weed, its safe than alcohol” it’s always said “you can’t overdose for pot its safe” and if you ever hear someone say that they’re filthy fucking lying shit lord. I’m sure a lot of people have heard of those few guys who are addicted to games like fallout 4 and even mobile games spending thousand of dollars and hundred of hours, that’s an addiction no matter how you look at it and you can overdose from smoking, just that dying from it isn’t very likely. and sure it might be somewhat safer than alcohol but you have to know those people who die of alcohol poisoning are drinking it in the wrong way, my friend once told me to which I agree “drinking isn’t to have fun, it’s to kill that little part of you that asks where your life went to shit?” there’s a reason you have to be a certain age to buy alcohol, and its cause only adults should be handling poison, there goes the saying at every bar “pick your poison” be sure choose wisely bcause that stuffs expensive.

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