Demonlord POV 01

-Milo’s POV-

By the time we had woken up the other two had already left so we decided to eat breakfast before starting. Lauren woke up after me and helped me with the cooking and after a while Raina and Hana woke up. This was my everyday life for the past few months although we each had our own objective didn’t mean we couldn’t get along. Everyday was fun and I hoped it could last forever.

“Milo where are we hunting today?”

“Ah, probably downstream and we’ll work our way up.”

“Do you think we can take a bath today? Raina and me wanna go.”

“Probably, I don’t really mind staying another day though if you wanna.”

“No, either way the bath back in town will be open by the time we return, what about you Lauren?”

“Ah, I’m fine either way. Anyways the food ready so we can talk later okay?”

Breakfast was just a simple soup made of dried meat boiled with herbs and vegetables with bread on the side. It doesn’t taste that bad but it is still lacking compared to properly cooked meals. Well celebrated a job well done with a proper meal when we get back to town.


“Milo we got another one!”

“Drain it with the rest.”

We had split into two teams so we could work faster Raina and hana on one side of the river and me and Lauren on the other. The water isn’t too deep at this spot in the river along with stones protruding from the surface it’s easy to cross to the other side. There aren’t as many the farther you get from the lake sometimes they wander into the forest to find edible plants and such. I guess even wild animals have preferences about what they eat.

It’s been about twenty minutes since we started it’s easier to kill them with two people rather than three or four people who just crowd around. So far we’ve killed five but the other newts started to flee towards the deeper parts of the river. It would be hard to kill then since neither Hana’s or my sword wouldn’t reach same goes for Raina’s blows. Lauren could probably hit them with an arrow but it’s pointless if it runs away after the first shot she’d just wasted an arrow for no reason.


“Alright let’s finish draining these then continue upstream.”


We sent the remaining time looking around the area for anything useful such as herbs and fruits. Lauren looked along the river for stones and in the forest for branches that she could use for makeshift arrows. This was the less costly option for her if it was for disposable ammo but if she wanted to deal some damage she carried an assortment of arrow with different shapes along with some enchanted arrows. Some of them even had poison and some just looked twisted and evil with razor hooks and such.

Speaking of enchantments I remember Raina saying her gauntlets were enhanced in some way that she wouldn’t break her hand or wrist even if she punched at full force. Something like the spell magicians used if they are blown away to reduce the damage or cushion the landing if they were to fall.

After we were done drained the newts we started walking upstream looking for any stray newts. We happened to see the ax wielding guy walking back to camp, what was his name again? Lauren told me name earlier it started with the letter…? I can’t even remember the first letter of his name, I’ll have to ask Lauren later if encase I meet him again in town.

He wasn’t every keen on talking when we first arrived the same goes for now where he just looked at us and nodded. Is he done already? Maybe he’s just going back to eat something it is still early after all. We eventually came to a spot with plenty of newts and started hunting.

“Milo do you hear that?”

“No I didn’t hear anything.”

“There it is again, it sounds different this time.”

I hear it this time off in the distance, seems like it is pretty close if we can hear it. Probably just some kind of territory dispute between some bears or something. As long as we don’t bother them they won’t bother us.



I don’t think that was a bear, that roar was loud enough to echo through the Forest and it seems to have some from the lake.

“You girls go back to the camp!”

“What about you?”

“Don’t tell me”

“That’s right, I’m going to go check what made that noise.”

“But mil-”

“No buts, if it’s something dangerous we have to report it to the guild, if possible we should know what it is.”

“Then let’s all go it’s safer that way!”

“Nn, if whatever it is decides to attack us I don’t know if I can protect you three.”


“If I don’t come back you can guess what happened..”

At that i take off i know anymore and they would try to stop me at all costs. It’s our duty to find out made that noise, honestly I would rather not have to go, everyone fears for their life in battle I’m no different. I would rather not see them be hurt though, in the worst case it would be an ancient dragon, in the best just a dragon in either case I’d be lucky to make it back alive. So they can’t catch up with me I run as fast as possible while casting speed up, seems silly since they could probably cast the same thing but I know they understand what will happen.

After about ten minutes I’m halfway to the lake when I see flames erupt from the lakes direction, it’s definitely a dragon. Even so I can’t turn back yet I have see what kind, lives depend on it. It would be stupid to send a small party thinking it’s a dragon just to have it wiped out by something like an ancient dragon or three-headed dragon. The angle of those flames was strange though why would a dragon shoot flames straight upwards?

I arrived to a strange scene of a fallen beast and the guy I have met earlier muttering to himself. What had happened here, what was that roar? How did that thing die?

“Hey , what happ-”

“God damn piece of-, why was your face so hard!?”

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