There is a lot of things I want to do I don’t think one life would be enough to do it all, I can think up a story so want to write it. I can think up clothing design so I want to make it. I can think of game concepts and unique mechanics so I want to create it. I can imagine videos playing out so I want to film them. I want to read a foreign story so I’ll translate it. And several other things but thinking of all the things I want to do I only have so much time and energy. At this pointing don’t even have money since I haven’t been working since I was run over. So instead of working on a story or something else I’m here worrying when I can walk again so I can go back to work since no one reads it anyways. I’m worried the pain won’t fade and its just something I have to live with. I’m worrying when the credit I’m using to live on is gonna come bite me in the ass. I’m worried about the registration on my moped that I can’t even go pay into N/O since I can’t even go down the stairs. I’m worried that even if social security goes through how long it will take since just the application process is 6 months.

I had high hopes when I started writing and I still plan to, but I just can’t focus on the story when there is so much shit going on.

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