Outta rice

So since I can’t really walk around much and inadvertently (did I use that right?) Don’t go out much I end up buying groceries online a lot. This really annoys me since there is a dollar store a mile from my home in 2 directions so stuff like rice, bread, and water stuff that is the same everywhere(in my opinion) I’d have to pay like 2-3 bucks for rice or bread on primenow(my brothers account) or ask one of my friends to pick it up if he has the chance to. My other older brother is free about 3-4 days a week since its summer vacation sleeps in until noon then “forgets” if I ask some thing of him like if he can grab me some water or throw away some trash. So I end up buying stuff as cheaply as possible on walmarts website generic branded stuff now they ship a lot of things but this really limits what I can buy since it could take up to 3 weeks to arrive so bread and things like that can’t be shipped. Recently the started this thing pay 50$ get any item from their site with free 2 day shipping where as before you had to buy a minimum of 50$ to get free shipping and that was up to 3 weeks to ship. Every time I would want to buy something I had to consider what I wanted to try and fill an order of @50$ since I don’t have extra money to be spending on shipping charges. I don’t really have a point I’m trying to make her I just wanted to complain on the internet since I’ve been eating canned goods for like 6 months now with some actual home made food when my family remembers that I exist or when I’m not too tired and actually go downstairs.

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