The damn incompetency of the USPS offices in Chino and Compton annoys the hell out of me. they never update tracking at all its always goes like “oh, hey we got you pre-ship info check back later for updates” then 3-4 days later when it’s suddenly “hey, you stuff is in your city it will be there tomorrow” that’s not right!!! It’s supposed to be hey it’s here now it left now its over her in closer city now it left now its in your city and its out for delivery. if it doesn’t show updated it makes me feel like someone stole my stuff, I don’t buy from oversea for the reason that something that should take 2 weeks to arrive stops showing tracking and a month passes I’m like “crap did it get lost, did it get destroyed, delivered to wrong address?” If any of those happened I’m now worrying if I can get my money back, the opposite could happen happens where tracking says it’s here and it’s not I can easily go say “hey my thing never came in the mail, I have footage of the mail being left can I get a refund or have it resent?” they usually agree don’t even ask to see the video. this time I bought a cheap web cam but it still annoys me.

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