Unrealistic Game Idea

[spelling mistakes and errors bewarned]

OK so video games currently focus on online play or PvP in my opinion, from what I see it as one of two “styles”.

1.your own game world where you have the world closed off in a sense yet can have others brought in to help or fight, I.e. souls series.

2.Unified world where everyone has the same story and the same area to explore highly competitive leveling systems, I.e.mmorpg, WoW, maplestory, onigiri.

There is a 3 type, I call noninvasive type, where the outside party has no contact with your game world and instead created an instance of join play, I.e. pokemon.

But for the point I’m making(badly) I’ll leave that out. Now developing a game would be about making money nowadays so while option one is usually a set game price with the full experience and a set steady cash flow of say 60$ per unit sold. In option two however there is a greater chances to make money with in-game transactions, new expansions you could buy and in some cases monthly or yearly memberships.

Some games have tried to combine these two idea and in my opinion they end up badly in my opinion. Usually in those games it’s something along the lines of buy this thing to help you when you’re stuck. No that’s not a bad thing but at the point where it’s “oh hey you’re stuck? Use this to basically pass the level only 1.99” it’s no longer fun. Sometimes it a better weapon or better armour, even extra lives, in some cases it’s within reason on others it’s like bringing a nuke to a sword fight. The only incentive being that you pass the level and not die again.

Not on the point of death in games, it’s not that bad. Look I mentioned souls games right at first I thought when playing it was hard since I dies a lot, but their isn’t really much of a demerit in death. Sure it seems bad but only because of the way some people grew up with games, in the past it meant something you would be sent to the beginning again and hours of playing would be lost whereas now there are check points and auto saves every few minutes. Death needs to mean something again in games at least something other than go back to where you just go and pick up your dropped items.

Moving on to items it seems like games will just let you pick up any weapon and use it so long as you meet the stat requirements so in those games it becomes getting the best weapon with best requirements. There were some games I played where this was not the case and you can use just about every weapon right away, this always annoyed me I understand that it a game but I want some sort of realism. I can’t remember the game names but there were 2-3 game I played which had proficiency for each weapons and this interested me made me think “oh, maybe I can do more damage the better the proficiency” i was so wrong on that, in every game it seemed to be a useless mechanic. Honestly maybe i just never reached a high enough but passing the game and seeing no change in my attack besides what i leveled up was disappointing. I wanted to see something come from sticking to one weapon type like if it required say 30 str after using it for 10 hours of combat it would require 25 str using a hidden scaling system that way other weapons would become useable faster or they would require less stamina to swing so instead of 4-5 hit combo you could do something like 8-9 hit combo which would be better as games progress. Realistically if you swung an eight pound great sword your arms would get tired right? Now with a proficiency scale you would eventually get used to it have better control and be quicker about it.

Level scaling is a problem on its own where say you’re using a bow and have enough to level up but wanted to use that great sword you could allocate all stats to str and use it but then it’s just weird not something realistic at all in this case i really liked pokemon’s level system that levels up stat instead of you picking them.really give the sense when you see someone using a weapon that they worked to get to that level.

Also the there were games where damage counted such as fallout where you could receive broken limbs during combat and just using a health item(stimpak) didn’t fix it unless you picked only that area. Or shooter games where you’re nothing but a bullet sponge that will recover health by just standing behind cover resting, or picking up a med-kit. Suddenly you’re back up and running like nothing happened, i played this game called The 3rd Birthday where although it was sci-fi it made better sense on damage as you moved from person to person controlling their bodies and having to decide when that body had taken too much damage and was pointless to stay. If in a game you say regeneration is due to magic or some science fantasy it would make some sense but that’s not the case in shooter games.

Now the title of this thing is called unrealistic game idea for a reason that is to say i do have an idea for a game. Going as I’ve said  it would have to be a mixture of both type one and type two but in the sense where you have the full game like type 1 your own world where you could progress through the story and raise your character. Then as an optional part of the game as a free upgrade you could download the data needed to access the unified world as explained in number two, where there are new mission/quests, new weapons, outfits and items. This would not be the same as the one you had been in up until this point but instead a new more dangerous area for more experienced players. Of course this is a fully paid game where although you could buy items with in-game transactions it would be strange unless it would be for online play. Now in a situation involving character death would be handled in three ways, while in your own game you could form a party with npc and in case your character died so long as the npc that could revive you has yet to die you could be revived at say 10% health with penalty stat reductions or level loss and be brought back at full health making death weigh more heavily on the player. Online play would be different where it is strange that you would see the same npc everywhere like in onigiri the unified world would have no npc party members in the traditional sense you would have to form a party with real people making you have to decide how much you trust them to revive you of course if a friendly game everyone would help each other out right? Well not here due to option three, where you can’t trust anyone so you could either earn or buy revival items such as a ring that would revive you and send you back to your world at the cost of dropping some game currency or items. This would invite people to either betray you or straight out attack you to loot your corpse, but oh that just makes it a bit more challenging is all right? NO. death need to mean something in games in the case where no one revives you and you have no revival item you’re done. Character gone. No second chance. You’re sent to start screen and have to make a new character or pick another character you had previously made of course your except for items purchased with real world cash and a selection of say 10-15 Favorited items you drop everything on death and the rest get sent to your new or second character as “inheritance”. what’s to stop someone from just buying revival items from the cash shop? Cash shop has a physical location in your world not a button you click and it opens. Now you might be angered thinking “i just spent 60+ hours to get my character to level 100 and it’s dead WTF” well fear not cash items to the rescue… sort of you could have the option of reincarnation of a previous character using either an item you would receive in game or cash item you buy with varying levels of reincarnation some thing like low, mid, and high where low can be received once each play though and only reincarnated at say from level 100 to level 50. Same with mid and high but could only be bought in cash shop reincarnate at 75 and 95 respectively of course you don’t get your items back that were lost in battle in this kind of game things like shared inventory among your characters is naturally free. Of course there is a cash item you could buy that some would probably enjoy for those single player modes online it would allow you to make a secondary character act like an npc during online play following you around and moving based on a pre-set of parameters such as aggressive, passive, or defensive. Experience would be shared with this character so there would be the chance to have a spare character ready in case of death, of course it’s pointless if it dies do there would be something you could set like it flees if health drops below X%.


Now on leveling of course to make it difficult there would be set parameters for each weapon such as needing 10 str and such with each character starting as level 1 with varying stats depending on class and leveling up to suit the weapon you’re using bow dex goes up, sword atk goes up same thing with armour sets which would level up def but also spd so you could wear heavy armour and defense would go up slightly while speed  goes up at a higher rate as your heavy armour proficiency becomes better the opposite would also be the case while mid range armour would be the balance between def and spd.of course you could level stats by either setting a character to train in something and leaving them there like the pokemon daycare concept ineffective but better than nothing. Weapon sets would be unlocked but hidden parameters such as pick an attack stance and where you target on your enemies more frequently with the starting equipment of a sword you choose a stance that would deal quick strikes and you target the body you could unlock rapier weapons, choose an axe and a stance that would do side strikes and aim for the head you could unlock an executioner axe set and this could lead to more sets when combined with other weapon proficiency and stances such as a spear set to unlock a scythe set. Weapon sets would also unlock armour sets of course available to all characters you create.
Overall his would be a game i believe a lot of people would be able to enjoy i personally wouldn’t be good at it but i would still play it


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