Short story

OK so I was watching this with my brother when he said some stuff about stereotypes and tropes and I mention this which brought up Tokyo ghoul and its wimp protagonist which lead to a short talk about gurren lagann and a comment about what he would like to see in a story which lead to this short story enjoy!

“We will now perform the hero summoning ritual and call upon god to bring forth a new hero to save us.”


“Shit I’m so late.”

I can’t believe I woke up late again, I already missed first period but I can still make it for second. I woke up late since I was up all night reading one of those popular other world books my friend lent me. I never expected it to be so interesting packed with action and adventure that any man would enjoy. I ended up staying up until two am reading the first four volumes causing me to sleep in.

“I wish I could go to another world.”

I though that as I waited at the light, life in the present age was boring. I was born in the wrong era the world has already been explored and civilization has yet to begin exploring the stars.

If I could go to another world I’m sure it would be a thrilling adventure, I’d be sad to leave behind my friends and family but I’m sure I’d meet them again someday. To go to another world and fight monsters and demons, be a hero and surrounded by women that’s the best kind of life!

“This lights taking forever”

It changed as I said that and started crossing the street.

[You wish to go to another world and be a hero?]

A voice spoke out to me, could this be real!?

[You have the qualifications to be the hero and savior of our world]


I can believe it something out of a story would happen to me. I’m not delusional, right?

[What do you say will you come to this world?]

Obviously there is no way I wouldn’t right this is a once in a lifetime event!

“Of course I’ll go there is no way I wou-”



The driver had not been paying attention, it was around this time no one would be walking the around as everyone would be in school or work. He had taken the day off telling his boss he was sick and had just bought one of those new electric cars that made no noise. He didn’t notice the kid standing in the middle of the street cause he was massaging his girlfriend. The kid never heard the car approaching and just stood there, the driver got arrested and lost his job but that story isn’t important.

[If he’s still alive we can still bring him right?]

Nope, he died on impact, more like when he was crushed under the car.

[It no good…]

To think the destined hero would die like this what to do.


[You, yes you shall be the hero to save our world!]


Jesus Christ, who said that I thought I was alone in here, must be a prank.

[Quickly hurry there is not much time!]

I must be some kind of candid camera thing.

[Come on please!]

Geez, can even pee in peace can I?

“Look I don’t know what you want but I’m trying to use the bathroom!”

[Fine, no other choice]

Looks like they are finally leaving me alone finally I can go.

As I thought that and finally let out what I was holding in for a while I closed my eyes for a second. Ah sweet release.

“Welcome her.. Ah!!!”


I opened my eyes to see a woman on her knees praying in front of me, as I urinated on her…


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