New thing

New story i wrote its a prolouge type thing i guess, enjoy.

p.s. no name decided yet if anyone one wants to throw an idea for the title or Mc


“Please is anyone there, anyone!?”


I cried out into the dark again for the hundredth time. How many hours has it been.


No, it’s probably been days maybe even weeks, I no longer know anymore.




I’m again reminded of how I got here, it’s scary to remember. I have to assume it would be at least unpleasant for anyone to remember their own death.


Some might remember it fondly even, like dying at an old age surrounded by people you love. While others it might seem unreal quick and painless like being hit by a truck or some other kind of instant death. Some might not even remember dying those are the lucky ones.


The there are people like me who suffered slow and painful deaths.


Deaths where we held out as long as possible under the faint hope that we could be saved.


Dying in a dark room all alone unable to move. Waiting and hoping that I would be found, forcing myself to stay awake in fear that I would not be able to wake up again. Feeling myself become weaker as each day passed.


At first I was hopeful that I would be found quickly so I strongly held out. However when it became apparent I might be trap longer than I had thought I could no longer hold it.


I felt embarrassed to leave my body in such a condition, mangled and soiled. Those were last thoughts I had since I no longer had the strength to speak.


As the I felt myself losing the grip on life I found conscious become fuzzy to the point where it felt like it would be rubbed out.


So there really was no heaven, no maybe there is and I just don’t deserve it. I don’t think I did anything particularly bad but I also didn’t do too much good either.


I guess ceasing to exist was a possibility, in any case it’s not that bad. Just as my body felt like it was about to fade from existence like how ice-cube melts into water, I was rudely snapped back into existence.


I found myself in the place I am now a dark and seemingly endless room. No it might he be a room more like a space or field, devoid of color it was pitch black yet I could still see my hand in front of me.


Unsure of where I was or what had happened, there was suddenly a flash of light that slowly turned into a glow a bit off in the distance.


With no other options I began to walk towards the light but quickly started to run as I feared it would disappear as quickly as it had appeared.


As I got closer I saw two people standing there, one of them seemed to be emitting the glow.


As I was about to call out the other person vanished so I quickly called out to the one remaining as his light started to dim.




Seemingly having heard me the dimming light stopped where it was but did not return to its former brightness. That guy seemingly surprised at my arrival muttered something I couldn’t hear.


As I got closer I threw a barrage of questions where are we, who are you, and what’s going on.


The guy seemed slightly troubled but started to answer after a bit.


“We are in the dark void, a special space where the rules don’t exist as you would find them in the world you came from.”


Rules don’t exist? Does he mean like the law of gravity and things like that?


“Furthermore this place has been touched by darkness so it’s not as grand as it used to be but it serves the same purpose as it always has.”


Touched by darkness? Well they’re obviously no light in here beside him so that much should be obvious.


“I am the God of another world I came here to bring a hero that would help the inhabitants of my world.”


Wait so that means that I’m going to be a hero!


“So I can go to another world!”




“What kind of world am I going to?”


“It’s a world of magic spells and swords, but unfortunately you are not going there.”


Magic and swords! Wait.


“I’m sorry what?”


“You will not be going, I’m sorry.”


Wait if I’m not going then why am I here!?


“Why can’t I go? Is it because I died?”


“No, there was another young man here before you showed up that had also died, he was the one chosen to be the hero.”


That guy?


“Then what about me, why am I here?”




Why won’t you answer me! Look at me! Why am I here?


“I’m not sure what happened I had only meant to send that one to be hero. Maybe you have a similar soul wavelength as his and were dragged here by mistake.”


“Mistake? But if we have similar soul things should I be able to be a hero as well!?”


“No, in terms you might understand, it’s like the radios of your world, you both have a similar signal and overlap but are playing two different songs.”


“I don’t quite get it but if I can’t go to your world can you at least send me back to mine?”


“…no, that is also no longer possible.”


“What why!?”


“You have already passed on, you can no longer exist in that world.”


“What… then am I just going to go and cease to exist and meld into nothing?”


“….I’m afraid that won’t be happening either, since rule don’t apply in the dark void that means life and death have no meaning here.”




“Don’t worry along as you stay in the dark void I’m sure there would be a god that will eventually find you maybe be one more powerful than I.”


“So I have to wait and see? What if no one ever comes?”


“Don’t worry I’m sure someone will come in a few hours maybe even a few minutes your probably won’t be here long, I tell you what I’ll give you a blessing, that will help in whatever world you end up in.”


With that I felt something wash over my body but beside that felt no noticable change.


“Now I have to go my power won’t last long after this, goodbye.”


I hadn’t noticed it but it he had been becoming seemingly dimmer while he talked, in the end before I could say more he completely dimmed and vanished before my eyes.


So I have to wait now for another god? How many hours will that take? No he said at most it should take a few minutes.


That was foolish thought a few days ago after meeting that God. At first I was fine since I thought I could just wait eventually waiting around started to strike me as similar to how I had experienced my own death. Alone and dark I quickly began calling out hoping that maybe some god would hear me and help.


There was no need to eat but I still felt hunger it might have been a mental thing but slowly I felt myself become weaker. Constantly I called out asking for anyone but no reply ever came.


With no need to sleep either I found myself curled up on the floor crying for anyone that could hear me.
I wouldn’t find out until later but I had spent over a thousand years before I escaped the dark void thanks to the help of the “Demonlord” and the power he helped me gain.


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