And by that I mean what I recommend, sorry I’ve been busy between the doctor visit and my buddy dragging my to the gym when I still can’t walk right its been both busy and tiring. I’m nearly back at 100% well 100% of what I am with broken legs so like 100% of like 20-40% but anyways.

I’ve been reading Sevens, read 3 volumes in a couple of hours followed by reading forsaken hero on Zirus site I gotta say that story is a masterpiece of despair and rage truly something to aspire towards! On moonbunny I just finished up to the current chapter of careless demon and I gotta say its pretty good, deals with what is love and what it means to be human I guess I liked it! Picked careless demon cause I felt it could be similar to the lazy king another great story also on yoraikuns site

Happier stories would be lazy dungeon master and death march found on ziru and sousetsuka sites respectively. There some other stories that I like on sure they are we’ll known for different reasons one of them obviously being moon led, the other being rise of the shield hero and other one that I can’t remember the name but involves the hitogami and the dragon god. I fix it later since I’m like at 1% battery left to type. Mushoku tensei.

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