When I was younger there was the people around me seemed to treat me differently. I thinking I’ve mention this in part somewhere? so around 1st grade it started i was in class and we had those work books, you know the ones that look just like the regular textbook but paper back. so again in class and i was done with the assigned class work in that book so i look at the next few pager and understand it so thinking “hey i might as well do it now right?” i get through 5-7 pages when the teacher passes by asking everyone if they understand. when she gets to me she asks and i say i understood and started on the like 7 page following where we were, i dont know what happened but teacher flipped out grabs my work book and throws it across the room and yells “no you have to do what were on!” being a kid i was scared. I’m thinking okay i did something wrong but the following week some other kids were basically doing what i did and she fucking praised them say how smart they were and sending them home with ribbons.


on to third grade for what ever reason i was singled out by the teacher and always sent to the office or made to sit in the corner. if I’m remembering correctly this should have been around the time no child left behind was enacted at the time i thought i was a bad student.the reason were things like wrong folder size missing divider tabs, that kind of stuff, stuff my family couldn’t afford at the time. same thing happened in 4th and 5th grade was seated away from the other students and constantly sent to the office, also I’m guessing that’s why my eye sight became so bad, since i had to squint to see for 3 years in elementary. i should mention that i was in the GATE program(Gifted and Talented Education Program) since around half way though 3rd grade(test was the simplest i had ever seen) so in this program with like 2 other kids one went on to be the valedictorian of my high school, the other moved away so i dont know, but it was us 3 out of the whole school of like 600 students and this was since 3rd no one else was added for the 2 years until i left. so i basically failed 5th grade and had to take summer school to move to 6th grade, a lot of teachers and staff thought i had either cheated or gotten lucky and i was retested once,and in 5th grade they had this thing to determine your reading level, so everyone in class was assessed most were in the right year level with only a few above or below one, me i was assessed at college level reading and comprehension, in 5th grade.


6-8th grade was just wave after wave of detention and being sent to the office for not having a gym uniform or the thing that were needed to be purchased(folders, paper, etc.)  here is the best part in 7th we had a shelf for all the textbooks and mine was stolen, they had “bar-codes” inside so it would have been easy to find but the teacher assumed i lost it and was lying , ended up going to counseling cause of that, but i was crying saying it was right there someone stole it. i was sent to the office and  and my mom was called in, these books cost 30-50$ my mom couldn’t afford it so the school decided that i would help the janitor until i paid off the debt, fucking perfect. i didn’t know any better at the time but they made me work like 60 hours like almost 3 months 1 hour after school each day to pay off the book, the guy was cool and sometimes sent me home early, but the fucking kicker was that whoever stole my book was still leaving it in the classroom so one day after i had paid it off i found it, since i had written down the “bar-code” so i went to the teacher and said i found it and it where it was, and she ignores me, i go to the office and say i found it they can scan it it was under my name just that someone had erased it from the inside cover. so they ignore me also the year end a few days later so we go to return the books and two people dont have theirs and the teacher say “it okay people lose stuff sometime don’t worry about it” at this point i just stopped caring basically did nothing but play games all of 8th i refused to get a textbook anymore and again ended up in summer school to pass.


Did i mention i was still in GATE program and honers classes yup besides writing essays i had some of the the highest scores in the school. when i entered high school i was still in honers classes all the way until i left, the school literally wouldn’t let me switch classes, so i went from not caring to fucking up as much as i could, i found out who would cheat write the wrong answers then when they had copied it and turned it, this was only for the benchmark tests that we had every week cause fuck the education system! i learned more on my own than i did studying for the tests(school got funding depending on test scores) when it was an actual test for a grade i wouldn’t let anyone cheat from me same with standardized tests. the whole 4 years i would pull out a game boy or psp(i found one) and play in class in front of the teacher, obviously some students were pissed and they all seemed happy when another teacher from across the hall came in and stuck his nose in our class for no reason. tried to take my phone out of my hand i dodged and he said to hand it over acting like a big shot, so i quickly took the battery out and gave it to him since some teachers were know to take phones and go through them. he was pissed and told me to give him the thing i ignore him the rest of the time he took it to my actual teacher and said “good luck getting your phone back” i just walked up after class and asked of it back, this was second period class she gave it back and said next time try and hide it if he comes in again.


there was some other storied how like the math teacher(football coach) implied that i wouldn’t pass his class if i didn’t join the team on the first day to which i responded with not doing anything in his class. how i passed music class by putting some songs on my teachers nephews psp, how i was asked to ironically teach my chemistry class, and i actually went up and basically just said read here here and here in the book and heres an example of what we’re working on simplified and people actually understood it when up until then half the class was still unclear about it.another time about how i had to work with an idiot in wood shop that though it “tickled” to put his finger a hairs with from a band saw, how every gangbanger wannabe and actual gangbanger all thought i was part of some gang or crew for what ever reason, the time the vice principal threatened to send me to military school cause i didn’t want to go to school any more. all the time i ditched school to the point that i had to get teachers to sign a thing that says i was there every day the passed week and they all signed it even if i wasn’t there, the time i was running a porn channel on some site and it got popular in my school lots of other stuff went on like the chlorine gas spill or the explosion that supposedly happens in the mens locker room

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