Review: No Man’s Sky

I have been playing no man’s sky for the past week since 8-12-16 until today, this I just my objective view on the game.

Starting off apparently having survived a crash, with no information on hand if you choose to look around your crash site it would be smart. Unfortunately I did not in my excitement to play started exploring. Figuring out the controls was not to hard but in my opinion I believe that at the very least the physical copy should have come with a mini-manual explaining some quick information. I didn’t even know there was a start menu until a few hours in. the reason being in most of the recent games the touch-pad on the ps4 controller is like a secondary start so it’s to use.

The game is pretty good-looking and engaging enough to let me lose hours playing, I honestly can’t say how many hours I have played, I would start at say 3pm and when I decided to stop or the game crashed on me it would be midnight.

Exploring, looking for stuff is always interesting I believe on my 3 day playing I was able to max out my exo-suit slots it really make it feel like you work to earn it. Then we have the ships where it’s like a wild chase looking for a better ship everywhere. you can be looking for hours and not find a ship and decide to buy one suddenly you find 3 ship all better than the one you just spent 3 million buying. I hate the fact when I just finished repairing a ship when I found a new one having spent materials and time, add-on blasters and jets can be changed back for half the materials used, but fuel used cannot be taken.

Spending time finding upgrades and blue prints, I am pretty sure I have found most of them since recently all I get are already discovered tech. I had recently thought I found new stuff just to find out it’s the stuff I can’t even take apart like my hazard suit or launch thrust, useless. You get notification saying “new” blueprints found then get shown known stuff. Actually finding some blueprint just crash the game I am not sure if it is still an issue since patch 1.04 but it honestly should not have been one to start off.

There have been non-crashing game glitches, unless they’re supposed to be that way, on one of the planets I landed on I thought I found a plant made of iron and tried harvesting it, I was wrong I was several fish generated on one point facing downward as I looks around more spawned in the same way. I am not 100% sure this was a glitch but then I saw the same species in the water nearby. Later on another I saw a literal sky fish no wings just swimming thru the sky.

The game needs improvements the ability to have multiple weapons would be nice since when a new one is found you old one just disappears. the ability to build a shelter of maybe a larger craft/space station type to keep ships found or at least the ability to completely scrap a ship and received materials or sell it and get units.

Final thing that bugs me atlas stones cost 3-5 million but can only be sold for 600k max from what I have seen, and have nothing to do with making an atlas pass.


I score it 7/10

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