You know I never would have thought my brother was this stupid. So I had to return 2 items thru ups I had the label for one and the other one was where they would pick it up and stick the label on it. They were both packaged and waiting downstairs for the ups guy to come yesterday but never showed up. Now I woke up late cause I was doing some stuff late last night and got up around noon my brother comes in and say “hey you don’t have to worry about those package I gave them to the ups guy.”

I though it was great and was about to go back to what I was doing. When I asked what time did they come at? He said “oh, it was the ups guy passing by.” Now this got me I asking what he did “he said those packages were together right?” Their both going to amazon but I’m not sure its the same place. So he starts acting like it’s no big deal the ups guy said if it’s a problem he’ll bring it back and I asked did he see where you came from? Obviously he didn’t the return address is for here but if those 2 get separated and he forgets then what? I obviously blew up at my brother yelling at him and cussing him out, I’m not sorry for yelling at him I told him 2 days ago ups is coming to pick up my package and they are going to place a label on it I related this twice and again yesterday. If he was a kid I maybe could understand it but he is 27 three freaking years older than me. How the why the fuck would any one send 2 items to same place in separate packaging and unlabeled!? To top it off he got angry at me for being angry cause he did me a “favor” and I should have thanked him so I fucking thanked him for losing me 50$ fucking asshole.

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