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You are to critical thinking, what Hellen Keller was to seeing.

jon gillespie
Haha, well done sir! 10/10 for the Keller refrence

aber deus 8531

9/10 pretty good

 You’d have to be blind as Anne Frank to not see that one.

aber deus 8531

+HeyHeyDoYouLikeTacos uhh is that a joke?

aber deus 8531

“In the film Clerks II, Randal Graves constantly says that Anne Frank is “the deaf, dumb, and blind girl” despite repeated statements by Dante Hicks that he is referring to Helen Keller.” google

 Think a miracle worker needs to show up and knock some smarts into you…

aber deus 8531

+HeyHeyDoYouLikeTacos Me? “You’d have to be blind as Anne Frank to not see that one.” so any normal person cant see it?

I’d say quit while you’re ahead, but you’re not. So just to let you know, you’ve missed the entire joke and have ruined it for everyone. Go watch Clerks 2 then come back.

aber deus 8531

+HeyHeyDoYouLikeTacos i’m replying to the joke but he won’t shut up, also who is this everyone your imaginary friends don’t count and i’m the only one replying to you.

Considering it’s only been 12 minutes I’m going to assume you haven’t watched the entirety of Clerks 2. Perhaps just the Anne Frank scene? If so, good on you. If not, shame on you. Regardless, adieu.

aber deus 8531

+HeyHeyDoYouLikeTacos look here Mexican diarrhea i’m not going to go watch a movie I’ve seen again and also one of 3 thing possibly happen for you to say your Anna frank thing

#1 you fucked up just admit it.
#2 you just recently watched it for its 10 year anniversary and thought you could be a funny guy and try and reference it.
#3 you have a shit life and like those guy in clerks(yes i know their names so shut it) and are basically that guy that references 10 year-old movie that most people won’t care about.

In the case of #2 or #3 just be glad i replied to your stupid shit reference that any one under 30 probably wouldn’t care about and question your education. Also Dogma was a better movie. I’ll reply to your next stupid comment in a few hours since its 4:30 am and I’m going the fuck to sleep.

Rick Howell

I give this comment a 5/7

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