Thinking on it now

The reason I stopped writing heroes descendant beside finding a job was I felt it just had sudden plot and unnecessary information. At that time I had only just been reading 1 japanese light novel and other regular english novels(?) I had avoided story’s that most people know like harry potter and lord of the rings I read what at the time seemed more interesting but looking back I can remember only a few of the titles like city of bones for example. I remember thinking a lot of the story’s I read had 1 or 2 “indroductory” chapters where basicly the protagonist is an average person then BAM suddenly chosen so and so the last of their kind save the world fight evil for the next 3 books!
I had thought of doing that at first but it seemed pointless unless it was the back story for like some kid or teen that had a defining moment in choosing to do all that crap. I had written an adult character as the protagonist, I believe any adult can just up and leave at any point they want even with their family just one day say I’m going on a trip and your gone. People like to say if you disappear tomorrow no one would care, this is the thing I wanted to use in that story I have heard people also say “oh, yeah no one will care tell that to your boss, lol” and honestly after working I kind realized they still wouldn’t care. People where I worked would just not show up one day and that was it.
Once you become an adult that’s it, I wanted to put it in quickly that this character had the right to choose what ever path he wanted instead of your a wizard so go to wizard school, your family has famous Martial artists in its history so become a Martial artist. I had wanted to make a character with such an exagerated background yet still didn’t choose that path not because he knew of it and didn’t like it(as the guy didn’t know anything) but because he was choosing what he wanted.
But yeah I kind rambled there for a while but that cause I’m in the middle of writing the other story.

Side note I used to see my story ideas I’m my head as still images and I had to link them together, it wasn’t until recently I could start to see them more like movie trailer clips where I can get it somewhat. I wonder if this is like what people mean when they say the story just flow onto the paper.

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