Sudden improvement

Well I was been using the walker I received from the hospital and just moments ago as oi was in the bathroom I sudden could walk somewhat like what my leg movement went from 30% to 80% suddenly.

I still feel pain in my thighs ands knees and I can’t bend my left knee at all while standing, but I can move around while standing like bending my knees and such and getting up from sitting with out pushing myself on something, of course there is a limit I’m guessing like I will get tired quickly still. Also with the sudden improvement my finger tips were now slightly numb more on my right than left hand but after looking it up i think that has to do with my neck hurting from sleeping weird.

Only difference that’s happened recently was I went to the store with my friend and used the shopping cart instead of my walker to move around the store, so I was kinda dragged at a slightly quicker pace. I actually didn’t feel that tired afterwards so I went out to another store my my friend when he asked the next day but this time I did feel exhausted this happened last week. Hopefully I can go back to work before December. Probably not though since I have to walk a lot at work.


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