And it starts again

You wake up hearing someone going down the stairs.

You go check and don’t see anyone.

You think “on its just my imagination”

You use the bathroom and hear a child crying.

You remember there shouldn’t be any and you’re home alone.

You think “must be the wind tricking your ears”

You go to work and see things just out of focus moving.

You think “its probably just my hair”

But remember you just got a hair cut.

You pass a building and see a large dark figure sitting in the stairwell.

You look again and no ones there

You think “must have been the sun in my eyes”

But look up and its overcast.

You get home and later get ready to go to bed.

You see the reflection of someone you’ve never seen in the mirror

You turn around to check and to found no one there.

You must be tired so you go to bed but you don’t fall asleep for an hour.

You wake up earlier than usual and feel someone sitting on your bed.

You think I’m just tired and try to go to sleep again.

Until you hear “see you again later” and hear someone going downstairs

Just a little thing that came to mind


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