Wants and needs DS3

‚Äčok so its been a while since Ashes of Ariandel was released .
The New Features include (Fextralife)

New Location Painted World of Ariandel
16 New Weapons and Shields
5 New Armor Sets
4 New Spells
1 New Ring Chillbite Ring
Captain’s Ashes
Millwood Greatarrow
New PvP exclusive map, called Hollow Arena
2 New Bosses

And that was fun but whole thing felt bad over all. Outside of dressing upnfor fun in dark souls the I didn’t like the new armor sets the weapons seem some what OK but are currently being over hyped. Almost all the spells aren’t that good, and the chill bite ring out side of the dlc is pretty much only useful against the 2nd boss in the game.

 Their is supposed to be one more dlc coming out what I’m hoping to see is as follows.

2 new locations
Whatever weapons maybe a crystal ball like the crystal sages.
Good armor
Homing type spell like great deep soul but with the speed of crystal magic
At least 5 new rings maybe one that casts chameleon type illusion that disguise you like overworld enemies like whatever one your closest to.
New covenants I want to be a black or green phantom/dark spirit.
Ofcourse new arena maps
And 3 new bosses or npc fights like the one triggered by offering a pale tounges to rosaria and the beck eye orb like that but with the other boss areas like yhorm or the twin princes. We only have hawkwood at Abyss watchers and leonhart in aldrich.

I’m sure that would add at least 8 hour game play over all it would be awesome. Reply and invasions would be better for new covenant rewards like aforementioned rings and spells.


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