From where you left off


When I woke up I was on a wagon surrounded by big scary looking men. The one closest to me was the first to notice.

“Oh, she’s awake give her some room guys.”


All but the man sitting closest out of the wagon


“W,where am I?”


“Miss, we found you collapsed on the side of the road, you wouldn’t wake up so we decided to bring you with us to Falz.”




“It’s one of the towns we sell to.”




I slightly backed away and quickly touch my neck.


“Uh, yeah spices and herbs.”


He looks nervous, well those things do happen sometimes.


“Ah, I have yet to introduce myself I am Don Vigil, a merchant of Paradise trading company, silver branch, pleased to make your acquaintance.”


“Uh, nice to meet you Don vigil, I’m… I’m… who am I?”


I can’t remember anything!


“Uh, miss are you okay?”


“I’m sorry I can’t remember anything.”


What was I doing out here, I feel like something happened but I just can’t remember.


Last thing I remember was…




“Huh? Miss?”


“Sorry, the last thing I remember is someone saying goodbye to me but I don’t know who.”


“Ah, it must have been someone important.”


I must have had a questioning look on my face cause he continued.


“It cause you’ve been crying since you said that.”


I touched my cheek only to realize he was right I wasn’t even aware, they could be so important that just remembering their words can make me cry, and yet I can’t remember their face or their name.


I wipe my eyes with the sleeve of my dress, and try to settle down a bit.


After a few minutes Don vigil continues speaking.


“Miss, you wouldn’t have and identification on you right? “




I start checking myself and empty my pockets, all I have is few coins, small knife, and a small rectangular metal plate, nothing that looks like identification to me but Don says otherwise.


“Ah! you have an adventurers ID that’s perfect we can use that.”


I must have question marks all over my face since don begins explaining.


“The metal plate you see the etched circle in the corner? Gasp it so your thumb is on that corner and apply a bit of pressure and your information will appear on it.”


I do as he says and I feel a small wave move across the plates surface.


Name:Lea Age:17
Race: human Level: 2
Occupation: (empty) Rank: novice


Balance: 0gold 1silver 9copper


I’m amazed at the little piece of metal capability.


“Apparently my name is Lea nice to meet you.”


“Nice to know you lea, now it lucky you have that maybe we can find out why you were out here.”




“Turn it around.”


I do as he says and find more on the back.


Past 5 tasks
Herb gathering: failed 320 days ago
Herb gathering: complete 333 days ago
Herb gathering: complete 335 days ago
Herb gathering: complete 342 days ago
Herb gathering: complete 344 days ago




Don seems to be thinking of something for a while before he finally speaks?


“Mis, eh, ma’am?”




Ma’am? Why did he change it suddenly?


“Err, ma’am is it possible you came out here to maybe gather some herbs to treat your, err, uh, child?”






My hand feel warm as I cover my face in embarrassment, that he would say that, why would you even think that? There is no way I could be a mother. I’m too young!


“Well uh, ma’am it seems like you used to go collecting herbs twice a week I don’t know how long you did it but to suddenly stop and have failed the last one.”


“Please stop”


“Stop? Stop what ma’am?”


“Stop that stop calling me ma’am!”


“Eh? But why?”


“Why!? Why would you think I have children and start calling me ma’am!?”


“Eh well it’s just…”



“Well the last recorded task was a year ago and well you know… right?”


“Know? Know what?”


I have a feeling I don’t want to know but before I can change my mind he answers.


“You know, how long it take to make… a baby.”


I feel my face heat up does this count as sexual harassment!? How can he go and say that! I’m only 17 is he saying I have a child at 16!?


“eh, ah! I’m sorry ma’am but don’t worry it’s common for people to have children at such a young age I married my wife when we were 16 and we’ve been together for 8 years.”


Eh…. Someone actually married someone like this…


“Wait, let me ask why would you think I have children?”


“Hmm? Well it’s kind of obvious I think you used to collect herbs as a job, found “someone” then found out you were with child and asked you to stop working in a job with potential danger. Seems the most logical I think.”


Why are you nodding to yourself like you solved it!? How is that logical you made so many assumptions to get to that point!


“Look! I think I would know if I had and children OK!”


“Err right ma’am.”




“Err, miss…? Anyways when we get to town you might want to walk around and talk to some people.”


“Eh why?”


“Well you might not remember the town of falz you were only about 3 hours outside of town, maybe you are from one of the villages that are near it if that’s the case you might have visited falz before and people might recognize you.”


He’s finally making some sense but..


“Then I should probably go to where I got this thing right?”


I said as I was holding the metal plate.


“Well you can try but with almost a year since you were last there the staff could have changed and even if they didn’t they only tend to remember higher ranking individuals even in a place like falz they still get hundreds of people daily with people coming for different towns regularly.


You remember those guys that got out earlier right? Well they were adventures tasked with escorting me and my goods from azure town to falz.”


Grr, I hate to admit it but he had a good point again why can he be right now this but so wrong earlier.


“Well in any case we’ll be in falz in about an hour so till then try to remember whatever you can, ok.”



When we got to falz Don vigil said to go on ahead since he had to have his wagons inspected and the line was quite long.


The line for individual entry was every quick just show some form of ID and pay 3 copper coins, that gave you town permit that would allow entry and stay for the town for up to 2 weeks. Following that you could pay 1 copper to extend your stay for every extra week.


Adventures that come came due to an escort or delivery had to use the merchant entrance although the process was slow it gave them free entry into the town or city for up to a month, even though I have an adventures ID since I wasn’t assigned to escort Don he said it would be a waste of time to wait with them.


The permit worked in the same way at the adventures ID press the corner and it displays how much time remains for your stay. The difference was it was made from paper instead of metal and when it expired it burned up sending a signal to any nearby guard.


The fee for an expired permit is 1 silver so people almost never let them expire. Originally people could buy permits for longer than 2 weeks but some noble realised that they could make more money from people who forget to renew it so the current system was made.


After paying and entering falz I realized I was hungry like I hadn’t eaten all day.


“Hi how much for an apple?”


I asked the first vendor I came upon who just happened to be selling fruits, it strange but besides names and locations I seem to still have some basic memory like food names and the value of the currency.


“Tell ya what miss for a beautiful lady like yourself I’ll give you 5 for 3 coppers and I’ll throw in my son if you want.”


“Eh, n-no just the apples please.”


“Tsk, alright here’s your apples, let me know if you change your mind, Kay?”


I just smiled and walked away, he seemed used to it as he just laughed it off, he seems the kind of person that would ask that of any girl who bought from him, I can help but wonder what his son has to deal with.


I eat an apple as I walk toward the adventures association, i found out it was called that after asking around and waving the plate to people, none of who seem to know me.


I finish another apple as I get to the building, I hope there is a trash bin where I can throw the apple cores away in.




“Oh shi- I’m sorry miss are you alright?”


I was knocked down by someone leaving the building dropping and bruising my left over apples.


“M-my apples…”




I pick them up along with the cores I dropped and finally get to see the guy buying me new apples.


“Hey! Buy me new apples!”




Eh? What did he just say? Why does he Look so happy all of a sudden?


“Sis is that you?”


“Sis. Me?”


“Eh? Was I wrong…you’re not lea then?”


“How do you know my name!?”


“You have the same name and face you have to be sis it’s great to see you again! It’s almost been a year since you left!”


“I’m not you sis who are you!!”


“Have you forgot your own brothers face sis?”


“Brother? Older brother?”


“Are you alright you’re acting weird, I’m your younger brother remember?”


“Little brother?”


A memory flashes through my head of a baby crying in a lady’s arms but it won’t stop crying. I when I asked to hold the baby the lady look nervous for a moment but brushes it aside quickly. As I cradle the baby in my arms it finally starts to be quiet and drifts off to sleep. ‘Oh what a spoiled child isn’t he Lea?’ ‘No big sister won’t allow it right-’


“Aren…?” -thud-


“SIS! Someone Help Me!”


The usual calm afternoon in the adventures association suddenly became very chaotic.


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