I died and had to take over

Part 1


I opened my eye to see a stark white room.


The last thing I remember I was coming home from a get together to celebrate my best friends new job.

It was late enough that no buses were running, but early enough that no one wanted to leave yet so I decided to just walk a few miles home.


I was annoyed thinking that it would only take a few minutes driving since there was no traffic but would take almost an hour to walk.


Maybe if I had been more aware of my surroundings I wouldn’t have taken the streets I’d did but “if’s and maybe’s are just dreams” .


Walking down the side streets that were bustling during the day gave a familiar safe feeling.


Maybe if I didn’t have my music play plugged in I would have heard the guy yell at me to give him my money.


Well again “maybe”, in reality I didn’t hear him yell, I didn’t hear him start running after me but I did feel the warmth as my blood started sliding down my back.


He stabbed me a few more times but it’s strange that I can’t remember how many times it was.


He took my cheap 45$ music player I bought a year ago and my wallet with less than 50$ in it and a credit card.


I remember seeing a flash of realization in the guy’s eyes before he stopped searching me and just started running away.


I thought I was lucky as I pulled my cell from my breast pocket and dialed the emergency line.


I was strangely calm as explained to the operator what happened.


Last thing I heard before I blacked out was the operator’s voice asking me to stay with her and the sound of sirens off in the distance.


All this just for less than a hundred bucks?


Now I’m in this room.


I have been waiting a while but I seem to be alone in here.


No windows, no door, and no apparent light source?


Am I dreaming?


The room darkens but it was quick almost as if I had just blinked a second too long.




There it was again slightly longer this time it also felt like the room shook slightly.




This time it was definitely longer and the room shook more than last time.




Oh it seems to be claiming down.




The blinking seems shorter now, to the point where the next 2 feels like a dimmer knob was slightly turned.


I feel slightly uneasy like there was a purpose to that whole thing but it doesn’t continue even after a few minutes.


I began to look around the room to try and maybe find a clue to that just happened and where I am.


I carefully inspect the wall closest to me and slowly circle the room sliding my hand on the wall feeling for any slight difference there might be.


After not finding anything on the wall I start to aimlessly look around the room, looking at the ceiling, walls, and floor for anything that might help.


Maybe if it was dark I would have been scared more.


I decide to sit down and wait for something to happen, the moment I thought that something softly sounded behind me.


I turned around expecting something to finally happen, but it’s a chair?


I am way past 100% sure this wasn’t here before.


Looking it over it doesn’t seem to have and sort of brand logos or manufacturing numbers it’s just a simple chair, a lawn chair to be exact, it’s slightly less white than the room.


Did it pop up from the floor?


Did it come up cause I wanted to sit or… no it probably just a coincidence is all.


I crouch and start to inspect the floor slowly searching again for anything that would open.


After searching for a while I get to the middle the room just in front of where I believe I started.


I found something, I missed it before because it was the same shade of white laying perfectly flat on the floor.


Just a single piece of paper with a lot of text on it, my eyes are drawn to the bottom large bold text.


“It’s your job now, good luck!”


……. What?


Part 2


So i died apparently.


How do I know?


How did I die?


Well I just found this out myself, I was able to see a recording of my own death I don’t think many people can’t see their last moments alive.


After what I was able to remember the ambulance showed up a few minutes later and I was quickly rushed to the hospital.


At first it seemed like I could make it, it was slow but I was still breathing it seemed.


Being brought to the emergency room I was patched up and given a blood transfusion but that wasn’t enough it seemed.


The attached monitor showed I was flat lining and so that thing that shocks you back to life was attached to me.


The shock appeared to be working at first but it wasn’t enough.


The first few shocks seemed to work but I obviously know that it didn’t.


I don’t have a family so I can only guess what will happen after my death since recording stops as my life ends.


I lead a healthy active life I drank socially didn’t smoke or use drugs, took care of myself and this is how I die.


I can help but wonder what my friends will think, I mean it is partly their fault, at least that how I assume they’ll feel about it.


I regret that there is a lot of thing left undone, I’m sure everyone probably feels that way.


I wonder what will happen to my stuff, I never prepared a will and I don’t have any family, do they donate it or something?


On that note what about my house?


It’s paid off and in my name what happens to it, does it go to the city maybe a bank?


You work hard to earn a living make a place for yourself but why, you lose it all when you die.




Just thinking about all this is stressing me out.


Ohh, I almost forgot about Luna, she’s pretty old as it is, I don’t think any one would take in a cat that old.


I hope she finds someone who will take care of her, it’s been a few years since she started passing by, I don’t know if she was abandoned or born a stray but I always had a soft spot for cats.


Of course at first she would even get close to me but after feeding her for a while she eventually opened up.


She never would go inside though even when it rain, she stayed a stray but she took to the name I gave her based on the crescent mark on her forehead.


She came with kittens a few times over the years so I’m not sure exactly how old she is.


I’m worried that without me there someone might show up and assume I owned her, worst case would be she gets put down due to age.


My mind can’t stop lingering on what might happen.


No, just thinking about this stuff won’t do anything.


I again stare at the paper with those infuriating words on it.


Bold letters always attract attention whoever made that thing probably wanted to get the point across quickly.

To summarize the letter, well if you can call it that, states a transfer of duty.


The first few lines read like as if you just won a prize, saying “congratulations you have been randomly selected” followed by the number of people who could have won.


Like 1 in something, a third of the page just zeros so why try to count them?


It then just bluntly states that you died but in the same paragraph says you’re not dead but you not alive either.


It really is annoying, it explains if you want to see how you died just say so, it has a warning that it might be graphic, the moment you ask to watch one of the walls starts playing like a big tv.


It really want to rub it in that you’ve died.


There is some stuff about housing written also, it says necessities will be provided and be deducted from your account.


That part I didn’t really get but I think that why that chair appeared, it’s written almost like a contract or some legal document in some part of the letter.


It has an outline for payment based on both the amount worked and the results, like commission?


Also mentioned is a daily allowance paid even if nothing is done, it probably the bare minimum needed for meals.


There’s more minor details but the major part comes after that.


It lists the “contract duration” and “duties of your position” both of which sound important, but I don’t even need to do anything and I’d still get a daily allowance.


The duties listed are what I’m guessing I would have gone through normally.


Number one, Selecting from a list of people who had “died” before their time, seems contradictory saying oh they weren’t supposed to die yet, there seems to be a set fate but it doesn’t work right apparently.


Two, explaining where they are after selecting them and answering their questions, is that like getting them to make peace with themselves?


Three explain they will be sent to a new world and the details of that world, like a Q and A thought I don’t know any answers.


Four explain the three methods of reincarnation and each method’s benefits, seems easy enough.


And lastly assign a suitable skill or skills according to their request or assign the best suited if they don’t have a specific choice.


Hmm, one and four are strange would the moment someone is reincarnated mess with predetermined fate?


Seems extremely shady like when a gambler takes a loss and they keep at it in hope they can break even.


My guess is somebody messed up somewhere.


Contract duration is stated as what would have been a natural lifespan, such as the point where you would have died of old age.


I’m probably not the first one that’s been forced into this position, there are set rules that prevent me from dying in any other way.


During the duration of your say sudden death suicide will be ineffective, including but not limited to poison, disease, asphyxiation, dehydration, blood loss, etc. It’s a pretty detailed list I can’t even have someone else kill me.


Following this are those damn annoying words, well maybe someone else would be happy to do this but it seems like a pain.


To start I just have to say the word, it’s the same at when I watched the recording.


Might as well get started if I’m going to be here from now on.


Part 3 (I’m stuck here)


“Where am-”




I just randomly picked some shmuck


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