Demonlord chapters 1-5 +side stories on sale!


well, i wanted to promote it and i published it on amazon, you can buy it here >Demonlord 1-5< it’s $0.99 of which i only gain 35%. Think of it as a donation if you will since it is still free on the site at the moment. it will help pay some stuff i’ve been dealing with and allow me to keep writing.


Its not like I stopped writing


For Demonlord I have some written that I don’t like and the ones I like are the side stories that would make no sense out of context, well they might make no sense either way. chapter 9 is just a mess right now as I don’t have a good way to provide world information like other stories.


There was also the image which took a long time to make in April since I was shit at art, but that is old news.


Then I have the other stuff I’m working on like “I died and had to take over” which has 1854 words written in 2 parts and is honestly more that what I usually write at between 1400-1600, but I feel it need a bit more story and have been mulling over what to write as part 3.


Then in “from where you left off” it has 1796 words and I just finished yesterday  feels really rough but is ready to post, problem is it is scheduled to post the same day as “I died” so right now ill probably get started on chapter 2 and keep  working on “I died”.


Besides that I’ve had some personal stuff to take care of like sorting the $3000+ hospital bill and going to the disability office to try to receive benefits again since I still can’t return to work.

Ok so now this :D

So I mentioned i was going to do a new story using the heroes descendant(HD) idea but in addition to that I’m also going to try and get another new story out with a title of something like “I died and had to take over/I died and was left in charge” and the title for the HD idea story is something like “spiritual successor/continuing where you died”

also i still have the side story chapters for demonlord and am wondering if anyone wants to read them leave a comment if not they’ll be released when i get around to the story again.

Demonlord POV 01

-Milo’s POV-

By the time we had woken up the other two had already left so we decided to eat breakfast before starting. Lauren woke up after me and helped me with the cooking and after a while Raina and Hana woke up. This was my everyday life for the past few months although we each had our own objective didn’t mean we couldn’t get along. Everyday was fun and I hoped it could last forever. Continue reading