Demonlord chapters 1-5 +side stories on sale!


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your senpai noticed you.

you get excited as he leans in, you prepare yourself for the words that he will impart upon you.

he comes close and whispers in your ear.

you look at him with shock plastered on your face unable to speak as your senpai walks away.

hours later you sit at home crying remembering the words he whispered in a cold and indifferent way.

“your favorite anime is shit~”

you cry again muttering to yourself “but I like my favorite anime” as tears stream down your face.

I don’t know what to say

So my brother said today, “hey you’re no longer disabled right?”

That surprised me because I still have to use a came to walk around and I can’t walk that much. Then he said he that that because I don’t use my walker as much recently.

Its more about the amount of energy expended when I use either or.

For example before my accident walking let’s say 10 meters wouldn’t even take up 1% of my daily energy and could have easily recovered by sitting down for a bit.

With the walker 10m would take about 30% of my daily energy and wouldn’t recover as easily while sitting but still some what.

Now using a cane expends 2x what using a walker does so just walking 20m makes me so tired I fall asleep.

Now there are time when I don’t need a cane to walk I can walk maybe 5m but it pretty much burns out all my energy for the day.

Another thing is the energy consumption goes up as the day progresses and around afternoon to evening if I walk my legs will be trembling.

Not to mention i am not even at 100% energy I’m like 40-60% max better compared to a few months ago but still bad. I can push myself if I take some pain meds they gave me but then I’ll be out of it the next day sleeping all day.

To much ginger

So I was drinking ginger ale and I was feeling like snacking on something so I finished the beef jerky I made but I forgot I used ginger along with several other herbs and spices in the jerky so I have a the flavor from the jerky still on my tounge and now I can’t taste the ginger ale right 

Damn it

So a few days ago I got a hospital bill for over 3000$. I haven’t worked in over 10 months due to injury. my checking account literally has 2 dollars in it my credit is over -2000$. I just got a letter today from social security stating I don’t qualify for any benefits. It also says they don’t think my disability will last over 12 months, which in 2 months it will have been 12 months. I have option to appeal it with in 60 days but I’ll probably get the same answer.

Oh yeah my hospital bill is due in 6 days with a minimum payment of 400$ so I’m fucked.