Very ambitious

Well I’ve been making and testing and editing and making and testing and editing for the past week almost every waking hour. The more I learn the more my idea for a game grows maybe I should focus on just putting out a demo first.


Someone tell me

why is there a sudden interest in this again?screen

it shows no referrers so i’m curious besides Indonesia and USA it just random

I hate doctors

I really hate doctors that can’t see me as me. I show up ask for pain medication I know works for me so I can try to work again and to have the disability form filled so I can get the money I was supposed to and I have some x rays on disk. First thing doctor says, if you want the forms filled out were gonna have to do everything from scratch, cause “I” don’t want you sitting on your but just collecting money. Completely missing the point that I just asked for pain med so I can work, which I point out then she said, well I guess you don’t need the disability then.