23 years ago I was living peacefully with my wife and 2 daughters in the country of some foreign land when for no reason other than bad luck that was all taken from me. I died in vain to protect my wife and children never to know what became of them, I found my self face to face with a being calling themselves “God” offering me a chance to live in their world I denied their offer wishing to rest having accepted my fate. But the arrogant fool tried to force me to go granting me power,but still I denied. The one called “God” wouldn’t have it and dropped me into their cycle of life and death, with a smug look on his face watching as i was entering the cycle, I wouldn’t have it though not on “his” terms I grabbed the one called “God” and dragged him with me, my consciousness faded as my body disappeared the last thing I heard what it calling me a fool and cursing me to horrible existence.

DemonLord 01

DemonLord 02

DemonLord 03

Intermission: Garsu Serpent

DemonLord 04

DemonLord 05

Side Story: DemonLords Enthronement

DemonLord 06

DemonLord 07

DemonLord 08

Demonlord POV 01


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