I hate doctors

I really hate doctors that can’t see me as me. I show up ask for pain medication I know works for me so I can try to work again and to have the disability form filled so I can get the money I was supposed to and I have some x rays on disk. First thing doctor says, if you want the forms filled out were gonna have to do everything from scratch, cause “I” don’t want you sitting on your but just collecting money. Completely missing the point that I just asked for pain med so I can work, which I point out then she said, well I guess you don’t need the disability then.


Shit post

A wise old man once said “the only things you should say to a woman are ” yes” and “thank you” and the only time you should tell her “no” is as a last resort.”
Didn’t work out that well when my girlfriend snapped and tried to kill me after she found out I wanted to dump her.

She said after stabbing me several time “do you hate me?” To which I replied “yes” after she kept stabbing me for a while she said “see this is want happens how do you like it?” To which I replied “thank you” her head cleared after the 20th stab she said “oh god I’m sorry, I’ll call an ambulance” to which I replied “no” 
Point of the story, tell old people to fuck off if they don’t give you context.